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Picture yourself on a deserted golden sandy beach. A warm breeze blowing through your hair. The sun on your face. Nothing but the melodic sounds of birdsong and the gentle ebb and flow of The Atlantic Ocean in the air.


can come true!

In fact, in just six short hours this could be your reality. You could be enjoying a fresh fruit smoothy in one of our hammocks, marvelling at the array of colourful birds and wildlife and experiencing the culture of The Smiling Coast of West Africa!

Did you know:

  • that Gambia shares the same time zone as Europe? This means breakfast at home and afternoon snacks around the pool at Footsteps and the added bonus of starting your holiday without jet lag!
  • that while Europe’s winter bites hard between November and April, Gambia has continuous sunshine ten hours a day with an average daytime temperature of 31 degrees? A superb winter sun vacation, so pack your suncream and flip flops!
  • that English is the first language of Gambia and that it’s spoken everywhere in country making it easy to to chat with everyone?
  • that the locals in Gambia are among the friendliest people anywhere in the world? This is why it’s affectionately known as ‘ The Smiling Coast ‘.
  • that we have well over 500 species of birds and a diverse collection of wildlife?
  • that we have an extensive range of on and off site activities to suit all tastes?
  • and…..that we have some great deals this year just for you?
Footsteps Special Offers

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