Photo Contest: 6 of the Best 2016

Our guests are really good at taking photographs. To this end we have developed a fun competition for our guests. Our 6 of the Best Photo Contest has the added benefit of helping our village community in Gunjur.


Outline of the photo contest

The idea is for each competition entrant to put forward the 6 best photos from their holiday. You can see the 2015 ‘6 of the Best’ here.

That is not all though. We are a curious bunch 😉 We want to know the story behind the pictures as well! That is why we ask for a brief personal bio, explaining:

  • who the photographer is,
  • how he or she came to be in The Gambia and at Footsteps and
  • how he or she experienced it.

A short description of each of the photographs is also needed. We would like to receive a total of at least 300 words.

If there is one specific photo the entrant wants to be considered for the competition, we would like to know why that one is considered the best 😉


What can you win?

In September of this year we will hold an online voting competition. That will reveal which photograph has been voted overall winner of the final 6. The lucky photographer will win the grand prize of a one week holiday at Footsteps in March 2017.


Using our 6 of the best photos we will also commission a collection set of 6 postcards which we give to all visitors at our lodge. All we ask in return is considering a donation, which is then used to help our ongoing  projects in the village.

These are the 2015 ‘6 of the Best’ currently available as postcards:

[ess_grid alias=”6otb 2015 blog”]

All photographers will be fully credited for their photos and consent to Footsteps using them in social media and on our website.


How to enter the photo contest

In order to the photo contest enter you will need:

  • 6 full size photos
  • a short bio of you
  • a brief description of each picture
  • which is your favourite (this will be the photo you wish to be considered for the competition)

Send all this to David. Please do so before the 31st of August 2016, because that’s when we stop taking entries. Shortly after that the voting will begin. You can also contact us if you have any additional questions!

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