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Red Snapper

Red Snapper, wow these are powerful, ferocious fighters. The one pictured below weighed in at around 3 1/2 kilo and took line off the reel at a right old pace.They usually are found around rocky outcrops and when hooked make a run to get back there. This means five time out ten you end up […]

My-Gambia visits Footsteps

I first heard of Footsteps Eco Lodge around five years ago. Remembering it because I think its a strong symbolic name. In 2017 a team of architects came to The Gambia to research its buildings and made a list of places we wanted to visit, My-Gambia knew just where to take them! We were very […]

Little Bee-eater

Little Bee-eaters, as their name might suggest feed mainly on Bees, Wasps and insects. My personal favourite among the Bee-eater family and should not be confused with Little Green Bee-eaters. They love being at our lodge and visit each day because of our freshwater eco-pool. We have bees and insects congregating around the natural Blackstone […]


Ladyfish, I’m a ladyfish you know hehe! Catching less of these from the beach these days. They used to be in abundance ten years back but last year I caught only two. However, my lovely guests did better than me ( very rare that ) and caught some nice specimens. Again they don’t seem to […]

Lizard Buzzard

The Lizard Buzzard is named because it hunts and kills Lizards. But as we will learn later it eats all manner of prey too. We have always had a resident Lizard Buzzard inside our lodge grounds. I would watch him from our Bantaba. He sits high up in a Palm tree patiently waiting for an […]


Guitarfish are so named because of their vague resemblance to a guitar. They are not a great eating fish although locals in Gambia will cook it as a kind of stew. They have little meat to speak of and are more torso and skeleton than anything else. The locals sell the gelatinous fins of the […]

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