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Footsteps to the Dog Rescue in Gunjur!

Footsteps teamed up with the animal care association (ACA) for a dog rescue effort.  Dog rescue | The ACA is a registered charitable organisation which was founded in 2009. It is concerned with the welfare of beach and street animals in The Gambia. They are based in The Greater Banjul Area of The Gambia. And […]

Mangos in May

I love Mangoes in May! They are one of those special fruits that you crave but seldom have. Probably because when we see them in the supermarkets, they are not ripe and are a bit more than you want to spend on a piece of fruit. Gambian Mango The mango is known as the ‘king […]

Bushfire in The Gambia

Bushfire | We have had some significant events good and bad along our timeline of 20 years. One of the more memorable came in February 2007, the 24th to be exact. This was the day everything very literally went up in smoke. Can you smell smoke? I can hardly believe it is nearly fourteen years ago […]

A Walk Off-the-Beaten-Track

Off the beaten track | Coming November 2021 by popular demand are some designated mapped walks off the beaten track which will suit pretty much anyone’s ability or desire. They will of course start and end at Footsteps. And can be accompanied by one of our staff or can be done easily on your own […]

The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust

The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust (GHDT) is a small charity, registered in both The UK and The Gambia. Founded in 2002 by the late Stella Marsden and her sister Heather Armstrong. Its aim is to reduce rural poverty in The Gambia through improving the health, welfare and productivity of working animals. With such an […]

Footsteps Story

I have been asked one question more than any other in the past 12 years and that is: “What made you start a holiday lodge in The Gambia?”. So here goes, The Footsteps Story… In 1999, I was working as a Finance Consultant with BarclaysWealth. It was October and, as usual in England for that time […]

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