Red Bishop

Red Bishop

Red Bishop, the genus name for the Northern Red Bishop is Euplectes Franciscanus. Derived from the Greek and meaning ‘well-woven’, probably refers to their beautifully woven nests.  Franciscanus relates to a religious order from the 12th century that symbolized the crimson colour. Part of the weaver family of birds, it’s a regular visitor to Footsteps between June and …

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Gambia Bird Guide Lamin Bojang

About sustainable Footsteps | Staff | Lamin Bojang

Lamin M Bojang ( Gambia Bird Guide ) was Born on 18th February 1973 in Gunjur village to Malang Bojang and Mbenki Mama Touray. Married to Fatou Wally, they raise six children together. Lamin tells us “My dad was a trader working in Gambia, Senegal and Guinea Bissau”. ” I remember waiting for him to …

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Hand-made Silver Jewellery

Gambia silver smith

Silver Jewellery by Bai. Bai Sering Secka was born on Feb 1st 1962 in the village of Gunjur. Married to Yajatou Ndure they have seven children together. His mother, Rakie Secka was a farmer and his father, Sawalo Secka as his father before him was a silversmith Bai tells us “At the age of 11, …

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Orange-cheeked Waxbill

Orange-cheeked Waxbill

Orange-cheeked Waxbill, as the name suggests has beautiful orange cheeks and belong to the finch family. The orange cheeks look almost as if they have been painted on. This delightful little bird is a daily visitor to Footsteps. It can be seen at our eco-pool mixing with Firefinch, Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu and Lavender Waxbills alike. Where …

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Thick-lipped Grouper

Beach fishing

Thick-lipped Grouper so-called because of their distinctive thick lips. The word “grouper” is from the Portuguese name, Garoupa. Source Wikipedia. I remember well the days fishing when my friend Mark pictured below caught this great specimen. I think it’s unusual to catch them from our stretch of beach as this one is one of only two caught over …

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Wood Carvings Made in The Gambia

Mallang wood carver

Wood Carvings by Malang. Malang Manneh was born on February 21st, 1972 in a village called Nyofellah on the outskirts of Gunjur. Son of Essa Manneh and Fatou Kebbeh and a father himself to six children. His mother was a farmer and his father a master carver, this is where he gets his incredible talent …

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Red-billed Firefinch


Red-billed Firefinch, so named because of its flame red colour. Below left we can see a good example of the male and female together taking a drink from our eco-pool filter. We can see them at all times of the day at the lodge and they like to hang out with Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu. They are …

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