Recycling: Cash for trash

We have always been mindful of our waste produced at the lodge and what happens to it. This year we have enlisted the help of Ethical Travel Portal and Daouda Niang (a great sustainability consultant) to help us. After a rigorous and detailed examination of our current practices we found opportunities for big improvements. These will help us reach our goal of having a minimum footprint.

By separating and washing our bottles, tins, plastics and organic waste we have created a resource. Others are prepared to pay a little bit of money for it. With this in mind we came up with an idea to get support from all staff members. The proceeds from our recycling are passed back to the staff via a cash for trash collection bin.

Bottletops are collected too.

Recycling at Footsteps | Cash for trash | Kunjang at recycling area

Kunjang at the recycling area.

Recycling by a green team

To monitor this process we have formed a GREEN TEAM. Six members of staff, one from each section, responsible for their people. They will meet once a week and discuss what areas need attention and which are working well.

Our goal is to be able to reward our staff for helping us keep our environment cleaner. This in turn will be delivered into the village. Who knows, hopefully one day the locals of Gunjur will be receiving cash for trash too, keeping their village clean and safe for everyone!

We also hope to offer recycled goods and original art for sale very soon!

Charcoal in the making.

Resulting charcoal.

We will keep you posted on our progress!

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  1. valerie allan

    Is it possible to drop off tins and plastic to you… I don’t want the cash..just somewhere to put the recycling.
    Thank you

    • David (Founder)

      Hi Valerie, I think we would have to say no unfortunately. I foresee maybe we become a drop off point for recycling and we don’t want that. here are the details for Gambia Plastics Recycling
      they are experts and have collection and drop off points at several locations. You can call them also +220 313 6358.
      Please let me know how you get on 😉👣

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