Uk or Gambia

Uk or Gambia   Uk or Gambia, what's the difference? When I lived in the Uk I think I had it pretty good. Nice job, nice car, nice house, nice things etc! Mostly I accumulated stuff, clothes, cd's,  gadgets and for the most part I thought I was happy. It would be fair to say [...]

The Footsteps Dogs

The Footsteps Dogs For those who will be visiting Footsteps this year on the 18th January 2020 we will be having a birthday party for Seven and Yoga The Footsteps Dogs. Seven will be Seven years old on the 18th January and well were not quite sure of Yoga’s birthday exactly but she will be [...]

5 things I love most about Gambia

I love The Gambia I spend about half of each year in what has been my second home for around nineteen years now. Time drifts by effortlessly and find when I’m away I miss it constantly. It must be the same for so many as over the years I have seen visitors return not once [...]

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