Uk or Gambia

Uk or Gambia   Uk or Gambia, what's the difference? When I lived in the Uk I think I had it pretty good. Nice job, nice car, nice house, nice things etc! Mostly I accumulated stuff, clothes, cd's,  gadgets and for the most part I thought I was happy. It would be fair to say [...]

Gambia Cotton Trail

The Gambia Cotton Trail Gambia is of course famous for its birding, nature and its beaches. But did you know that thirty years back it was also famous for its cotton production? Enter The Gambia Cotton Trail ! A brief history about cotton in The Gambia Back then cotton was grown, harvested and sold at [...]

5 things I love most about Gambia

I love The Gambia I spend about half of each year in what has been my second home for around nineteen years now. Time drifts by effortlessly and find when I’m away I miss it constantly. It must be the same for so many as over the years I have seen visitors return not once [...]

The Passion of Norway

It has been my pleasure to see Gambia receive an increasing numbers of visitors from Norway over the past 3 years or so and most recently a couple from Norway who travelled with Ethical Travel Portal proved their hearts are as big as their fjords. Sverre and Aase Leksbo from Lyngdal, Southern Norway, were happy […]

An interview with Lamin Bojang, Entrepreneur

Tell me about your work in Gunjur, how it benefits the village of Gunjur and what your plans are regarding your proposed new project of starting a museum there. Thank you David, my work is a birding guide, I have more than 10 years working with bird enthusiasts from all over the world showing them […]

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