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AFNOW food bank

AFNOW Food Bank

by David White - July 2020

It’s time for an update once more. To date you have raised a total of £1,670 for Gunjur village and AFNOW Food bank initiative. 😀

Stay in Touch in The Gambia

Stay in Touch

by David White - May 2020

We are in our 7th week of country-wide lockdown and we thought you might like to know how we are doing...

Boats on the riverbank in The Gambia

UK or Gambia?

by David White - August 2019

When I lived in the UK I think I had it pretty good. Nice job, nice car, nice house, nice things etc. What's changed now that I live in The Gambia?

Bundles of sustainably grown Gambian cotton

Gambia Cotton Trail

by David White - August 2019

Gambia is, of course, famous for its birding, nature and beaches. But did you know that thirty years back it was also famous for its cotton production? Enter the Gambia Cotton Trail!

Our lodge dog, Seven, running on the beach

The Footsteps Dogs

by David White - July 2019

Not only will they walk you to the beach, they will stay with you whilst there, look after your stuff while you go swimming and then walk you back to the lodge!

Gambian girl swimming in the sea

Things I love most about Gambia

by David White - July 2019

I spend about half of each year in what has been my second home for around nineteen years now...

Pygmy Kingfisher

Birding for Beginners

by David White - August 2018

What's all the fuss about? We've had dozens of requests from non-birdwatching guests, so we created 'birding for beginners'...

Bamboo straws: an alternative to plastic

Plastic Straws? We say no

by David White - August 2018

Our plans to make The Gambia a more sustainable destination through a more responsible approach to using single-use plastics.

Plastic waste in The Gambia

Plastic Free Gambia

by David White - July 2018

The best time to make a change is NOW! A plastic free Gambia may be a long way off, however, at Footsteps we have always taken our social and environmental...

Six of the best Gambia photos competition: holiday pictures for charity

Photo Contest 2017: Finalists

by David White - October 2017

This year we have also included pictures from the rest of the continent and asked you to share your best Gambia or Africa photos on social media. We then chose the final six...

Group of friends at dinner in The Gambia

My Significant Birthday in Gambia

by Ian Misselbrook (Guest) - September 2017

That evening we had a great birthday party at Footsteps joined by the many friends that I have made in The Gambia on my previous nine trips.

A old taxi in The Gambia

But it was Comfy

by Rob Garner (Guest) - September 2017

I love the old E Class Mercs and they just seem to go on forever, regardless of what may fall off or cease to function along the way.

Walks walks

My 3 Favourite Gambia Beach Walks

by David White - August 2017

Beach walks, walking is good for the soul and for your general well-being.

Two young Gambian boys

Photo Contest 2017

by David White - June 2017

The 6 of the best photo contest 2017 is now open to everyone! Here are the rules to win a week at Footsteps for two.

Sue Marshall doing yoga

Yoga every day in Gambia with Sue

by Sue Marshall (Yoga teacher) - October 2016

A few words from Sue Marshall, yoga teacher and a new addition to our team!

Six of the best Gambia photos competition: holiday pictures for charity

Photo Contest 2016: Finalists

by David White - August 2016

Meet our 2016 Six of the Best Gambia photos competition finalists. All winners already, but this September YOU can VOTE for the one and only winner of a holiday at Footsteps!

Farato International Peace Festival

International Peace Festival 2016

by David White - August 2016

In support of this charity event Footsteps has purchased tickets. Should your holiday with us fall on any of these dates you will receive a complimentary ticket which includes transport to and from the event.

A beach dog being rescued

Footsteps to the Dog Rescue in Gunjur!

by David White - August 2016

We teamed up with the ASA to help out the dogs in the Gunjur area and we plan to continue our support.

Mangoes and a smoothie

Mangoes in May

by David White - July 2016

I love mangoes! We have them at our lodge. They grow in abundance and become available in May.

Phoenix rising from the ashes

Bushfire in The Gambia

by David White - June 2016

One of the more memorable events along our 15 year timeline came in February 2007. The day everything went up in smoke...

School children with an electric light

Sunny Night Light

by David White - June 2016

Please take a minute to think back to your own years in school. Remember all the homework you had to do? Maybe you did not enjoy it very much, but it was pretty important wasn't it? Now imagine having to do all that homework without any lights...

Plastic waste in The Gambia

Recycling: Cash for Trash

by David White - February 2016

We have always been mindful of our waste produced at the lodge and what happens to it, but there's always room for improvement. This year we have enlisted some help and have found opportunities for big improvements...

A photographer on holiday

Photo Contest 2016

by David White - February 2016

Our guests are really good at taking photographs. To this end we have developed a fun competition for our guests. The grand prize is a week at Footsteps and our 6 of the Best Photo Contest has the added benefit of helping our village community in Gunjur. Read all about it...

A boy doing cartwheels on the beach

6 Reasons to Visit Us

by David White - August 2015

2015 is the year for all things new and to quote The Pointer Sisters back in 1982 “I'm so excited and I just can't hide it”...

A group of birdwatchers walking on a holiday to The Gambia.

A Walk Off-the-Beaten-Track

by David White - July 2015

Coming November 2015 by popular demand are some designated mapped walks which will suit pretty much anyone's ability or desire. They will of course start and end at Footsteps...

A Gambian donkey with a bandaged leg

A day at the Horse and Donkey Trust

by David White - March 2015

The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust (GHDT) is a small charity, registered in both the UK and The Gambia. Founded in 2002 by the late Stella Marsden and her sister Heather...

Staff wearing Christmas hats in Gambia

Christmas Holidays in The Gambia: fun in the sun

by David White - December 2014

Merry Christmas everyone and welcome to the Footsteps festivities...

Charity on holiday

The Passion of Norway

by David White - November 2013

It has been my pleasure to see Gambia receive an increasing numbers of visitors from Norway over the past 3 years or so and most recently a couple from Norway...

Lamin Bojang of Gunjur museum

An Interview with Lamin Bojang, Entrepreneur

by David White - September 2013

Tell me about your work in Gunjur, how it benefits the village of Gunjur and what your plans are regarding your proposed new project of starting a museum there.

A letter written by a Gambian schoolgirl

A Day With Abie Darboe, aged 13

by David White - August 2013

Just the other day I was talking with Sarani our guide, we were reminiscing about the past. We have a lot of history dating back more than ten years now.

Hotel room and palm tree

Footsteps Story

by David White - May 2013

I have been asked one question more than any other in the past 12 years and that is 'what made you start a holiday lodge in The Gambia', so here you go...

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