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AFNOW Food Bank

A Blog Post from Footsteps Eco-Lodge in The Gambia

by David White - 06 July 2020

AFNOW food bank

It’s time for an update once more.

To date you have raised a total of £1,670 for Gunjur village and AFNOW Food bank initiative. 😀

Round 1 - £1,050 already distributed via 50 x 50 kg rice and 400 large soap bars.

Round 2 - £520 being distributed now via AFNOW food bank initiative.

Update: Round 2

Out of the registered widows, AFNOW identified 18 single mothers as those who need urgent food support. These women, who were selling lunch for the teachers and children lost their income as an immediate effect of schools closing due to the lockdown.

The daily distribution of food parcels started on Wednesday, 27th May, 2020.

The mode of the distribution is daily collection/delivery. The volunteers delivered to those coming from far end of village while those around locally collected theirs to avoid overcrowding. The family size determines the bag and the menu changes which reflects on the daily spending.

Food Parcels & what they consist of

AFNOW food bank

A food parcel is tailor made to the size of a family and includes:

  • Oil
  • Onions
  • Tomato paste
  • Stock cube
  • Veg i.e. Sweet potato
  • Bonga Fish ( 5 days )

Every 2 days, the fish is replaced with chicken.

For an average family size of one parent and 2 children your help has achieved food security for 18 adults and 36 children for D1,600 per day. That’s just 30 Dalasi each or 50p in English money 😃

Huge thanks to you all and especially AFNOW for doing such a fantastic job with their house-keeping.

Round 3

£190 so far planned for next week via AFNOW food bank initiative.

TOTAL: £1,760

Thank you so very much to everyone who has pledged or given their help.

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