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Enjoy your Gambia holiday and see its flora and fauna using pedal power.

Enjoy your Gambia holiday and see its flora and fauna using pedal power.

Each trip can be accompanied, so no getting lost and no worries if by chance you have a puncture.

Get fit and have a fantastic time while doing it. We have various options so pick one that suits you. Want to pedal to a specific location not in our itinerary? Sarani can help you create your own trip, price negotiable.

Tanji Village Museum and fish market

Tanji Village Museum is the Gambia's first private museum, and a great place for learning about Gambian flora and fauna, history and crafts, as well as hearing local musicians.

After visiting the museum, you may like to cycle a few kilometres further along the quiet coastal highway to see Tanji's bustling fish market.

Gambia activities | Bike | Tanji
Gambia activities | Bike | Abuko
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Abuko Forest Reserve

After a two hour ride through rice and maize fields and through busy Brikama's market, you'll reach Abuko Forest Reserve, the Gambia's oldest nature reserve.

There you'll see an immense variety of birdlife and families of monkeys leaping from tree to tree.

There's also a small zoo where you'll see baboons and hyenas.

After a few hours in the reserve you may want to continue 5 km for lunch at Lamin Lodge (D300), a classic restaurant perched on stilts among the mangroves by one of the River Gambia's tributaries.

Are you interested in visiting Abuko and Tanji, but not up for going by bike? We also offer a trip to both by regular transport.


4 - 8 hours

80 km round-trip


Abuko Forest


Not available

Like a local:

Not available


Bike, guide and admission fees.


Food, drinks and personal expenses.


Possible by contacting David.


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Most activities going out include a guide. We advise you take a guide with you so you can get the most out of your trip. There are tours you can do without a guide and when in doubt we will gladly advise you.

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Most activities going out include a private taxi, though some trips can be done by bush taxi. Depending on the route you can use this local means of transport. If available, the price mentioned includes the bush taxi instead of a private taxi.


Birding and fishing can be prepaid while booking your stay through our website, but all of our activities can also be prepaid after you have booked by contacting David.

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