Explore Gambia Wildlife

Explore Gambia wildlife

David founder of Footsteps
David founder of Footsteps

How much fun would it be to be on a Gambia wildlife adventure just like David Attenborough or Chris Packham?

Do you love documentaries where nature’s oddities make you smile in appreciation of just how clever it all is?
Have you ever wished you could do just that?
If you have, then these tailor-made Gambia wildlife weeks are going to be right up your street 😀

What will you see?

The Gambia doesn’t have lions, tigers, elephants or giraffes. But let’s face it, that kind of safari based nature tourism is expensive.

If you want to see beautiful animals in their natural habitat, accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide for much less? Read on!

Let’s take a quick look

Gambia wildlife has birds galore ranging from the tiny colourful Pygmy Kingfisher to much larger birds of prey.

Monkeys in their natural habitat, there are six species found in The Gambia. They are vervet monkeys, red colobus, red patas, bush babies, baboons and chimpanzees.

Snakes and reptiles. The Gambia has around 40 species of snake of which around ten are poisonous, it also has many kinds of lizards ranging from the small chameleon to the much larger monitor lizard.

Crocodiles and alligators, we have both and know exactly where to find them.

Spiders and insects, yes they are here too and are so interesting once you push past the usual fear response.

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  • Gambia wildlife
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Your itinerary and what to expect!

Quality binoculars will be supplied each day & your adventure days are between 3-5 hours in duration.

The Gambia wildlife week itinerary!

  • Day1 – Welcome to your “Gambia Wildlife Week”

  • Arrive from the airport to Footsteps, settle in and grab your welcome drink, a freshly squeezed juice. Now to meet your guide for the week Lamin who has worked with Footsteps for the past 13 years and has more than 20 years of experience as a nature and bird guide. He will talk through your itinerary for the week and personalise it for your enjoyment.

  • Day2 – Beach & bolong Walk.

  • After a leisurely breakfast, take a 1.5 hr beach walk/Q&A with David the founder of Footsteps. Arrive circa 11-30am at The Gunjur Environmental Development Project. Here we will have some lunch and then take a tour of the bolong nature reserve with Badara Bajo. Good possibilities to see crocodiles and green vervet monkeys!

  • Day3 – Walk n talk with Lamin & Cool afternoon in our bird hide.

  • After breakfast, Lamin will take you to the nearby wetlands via The Koonfung Protected Forest. Here you will discover plants and trees used in Gambia’s traditional medicines, see the local gardens and meet some locals too!. Back mid-morning where you will have a couple of hours to freshen up, relax and have some lunch. When were all suitably fed and rehydrated it’s time for some birding. Join us to see some of the beautiful birds that congregate by our purpose-built shaded hide.

  • Day4 – Rest & relax

  • By now you may want to explore on your own so today is yours, go out, stay in, relax, it’s up to you.

  • Day5 – Creepy crawlies, reptiles and some time on the river.

  • Up early and travel to the Senegal border where we have a healthy breakfast of fresh fruits, bread and jams as the sun comes up over the river at Dodou’s place. Here we join a local dugout and spend an hour on The Halahein River which has lots of pelicans! From there we visit a project created to educate local people about the value of snakes and all things reptilian. If you are brave enough there will be an opportunity to handle some snakes here.

  • Day6 – Birding competition.

  • Time to put our training into practice. There are so many birds and not enough time so today we have a little friendly competition to see how many species we can record. ( There is a worthy prize for the winner 😉 )

  • Day7 – Rest & relax

  • Day8 – Say your goodbyes and begin your journey home, we miss you already!

Prices & what’s included

Dodou Touray
Dodou Touray

Single x 1 week £448
Included, lunch & activities
Binoculars, guides, transport


2 sharing x 1 week £350pp
Included, lunch & activities
Binoculars, guides, transport

Lamin Bojang
Lamin Bojang

3 sharing x 1 week £315pp
Included, lunch & activities
Binoculars, guides, transport

Where the booking is 10 days we can provide an all-inclusive trip to  The River Gambia National Park to see the Wassu Stones, a world heritage site, and  Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project where as well as see chimpanzees in their natural habitat close up you will also see Hippo.
The cost for 10 nights including the upriver experience is –

Single person £949

Based on 2 sharing £749pp

Based on 3 sharing £699pp


Are you ready to explore a fun-filled “Gambia wildlife week” with us?
Send me an email today or Book Now 😀