Egg Boat

David's mums recipe!

Creme caramel

Delicious indulgence


Chocolate or custard you choose !

Mango Flan

The Queen of fruit flans


Fresh fruit smoothies! Not quite a dish, but so good!


served with local honey and lime sauce


a traditional Gambian dish with vegetables, fish or meat


fresh, your choice

Grilled Lobster

with white wine and cheese

Prawn Curry

as spicy as you like it


famous amongst our guests!

Locally made Haloumi

with home grown tomatoes and basil, drizzled with crushed pepper and lemon oil dressing, served with senfu bread.


the ultimate convenience food, these delicious juicy fruits grow just outside your door & are yours to eat as you like.

Fish & Chips

from the beach directly to your plate. Captain fish served with an avocado salad and thick cut potato fries. Delicious!

Fresh Calamari

fresh from the sea, with a tangy lemon tarrogan dressing, served on a bed of fresh salad and warm bread.

Locally caught Prawns

king prawn served with eggs lemon mayo, salad and warm bread.

Prawn Salad

with fresh peeled prawns

Fresh Fruit Salad

with local natural yoghurt and honey.

Pasta Napoli Tomato

a favourite with vegetarian guests: fresh tomato, onion, basil, garlic and olive oil, served with warm bread.

Soso Beans

with rice in a rich tomato chili garlic sauce,
 topped with melted cheese and served with garlic bread.