Are you making plans yet?

We start making plans, then have to postpone, make more plans, postpone again. Its been a vicious circle this past year hasn’t it?

I was reading through our previous updates which showed that we changed our plans continuously. First, we delayed our opening by a month, then another and then another until eventually, we had no season left. Twelve months down the rabbit hole and I know from experience it can feel like there is no point in making plans.

But I think there is, here’s why 😀

See you soon!

Making plans help us all to reduce stress!

Making plans

Did you know that as ordinary people we are unique in the amount of time we spend planning for our futures? We do it because its a great coping mechanism and it reduces stress.

It’s always nice to have something to look forward to, isn’t it?

Even having to reschedule, cancel or rearrange is is better than not knowing or simply putting off to a future date. 

 Source Professor of Psychology E.J. Masicampo.

A reminder of what happiness looks like!

Ok, so in the video I ask them to hold a note for 1 minute because I thought that was length that Bill Withers did it for.

I checked and I was wrong, it was 18 seconds.

Apparently the second longest note held by an artist. The number one spot goes to Morten Harket who held a note for 20 seconds in his song ” Summer moved on “.

What fun we had, Campari and soda, a bowl of fries, sunshine and good friends. now, doesn’t that sound nice?

Volleyball is one of those games that you probably play every few years or so. We should play more, as you can see in the video, its massively good fun.

Our volleyball court also double as a badminton court too. As soon as I get home to Footsteps I’m going to dust off the rackets and get playing again.

Back to an outdoor lifestyle with lots of sunshine and fresh air.

The experts tell us that being outside is the safest place to be because C19 dissipates outside.

My happiest memories of The Gambia have been with our two dogs, Seven and Yoga. Walking to and along the beach.

The dogs love the beach and are happy to accompany any and all our guests. In fact, they are completely yours on a short term loan basis.

Here we see Yoga being a little reluctant to cross an inlet.

The water inlet in the video is about an hours walk from Footsteps and as you can see, its just us there, paradise!

Please excuse the sound quality as it was a bit windy that day

Third time lucky.

Two friends of mine have rescheduled their holiday for the third time and are now looking forward to coming in February 2022, with the acknowledgement that a lot could happen between now and then. Perhaps their 2022 date will happen as they plan or maybe they will adapt and book again. At this moment, they are feeling relieved – if not a little disappointed their first two holiday plans were scuppered. But now at least there’s a plan in place, and something to look forward to. 

Positive psychology is often referred to as the science of happiness, or the study of what makes humans flourish. It says you should keep on planning the parties and trips and events that bring colour to your lives. Just make sure those deposits are refundable. 

Start dreaming again, it may come true!

We have made it easy for you to dream. Unlike last year, we now have vaccines, our governments have said that the majority should be protected by September.

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