Update 24/11/2020

Safe to travel?

Hi everyone, in the last week of each month we have been evaluating the situation regarding our opening date. Thanks to all who joined our MEMBERS CLUB. And in so doing gave us some valuable information about when you will feel safe to travel. ( Gov.UK travel advice ) This one piece of information has really helped us understand your feelings toward travel at this time.


On the one hand, we have a reason for celebration. There are several vaccines which will become available in the coming months. The consensus of opinion is that you will be happy to travel only once a vaccine is available. And this means that January is not really an option. This is due to the vaccine coming in two doses several weeks apart and it taking time to offer protection.

On a more positive note, we are seeing interest for February through May. Taking all things into consideration we feel that an opening date of February 1st 2021 is now more realistic. It means that if you are able to get protection via the vaccine by early January, you will be safe to travel from early February onwards.

We will of course still be operating under our new Covid safe standards and it would be prudent to check out some insurance options.

The Ministry of Health is tracking the daily situation in The Gambia.

Now a vaccine is on our horizon we can start looking forward to some sunshine

A window of opportunity

We have 4 months starting February 1st 2021 where we can take a well-deserved and long overdue holiday at Footsteps in The Gambia. If you would like to reserve your holiday with us you can do so online with no risk and no deposit. this means you can wait and see what the airlines are doing almost to the last minute.

You can also call me direct at +44 (0) 7305 651551 or send me an email.

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