Safety Measures for Covid19, Part 2

Safety measures part 2 | In our last blog post Safety measures for Covid19, we talked about the steps we have taken to ensure your safety whilst holidaying in The Gambia.

We have a person responsible for compliance with Covid guidelines. And have taken all reasonable steps to make sure our guests and staff are going to be safe when we open our doors in January.

The airline’s safety measures

The airlines have done their bit too by giving temperature checks, placing hand sanitiser inside the airport, promoting cashless payments and prior downloading of boarding passes.

Face masks must be worn on board unless you have a medical reason not to. Boarding will be done in groups, in-flight magazines will be removed and the aircraft disinfected daily giving 24-hour surface protection.

So I believe as an accommodation provider we are ready to open our doors in January. And the airlines have adapted very well to the needs of their customers. I would now like to talk about another way we can all have peace of mind.


In this section, I want to see if there are any insurance companies out there that offer protection that covers your flight cost if its cancelled and your costs should you catch COVID19 while on holiday.

You may think that its a tall order but I did find a couple of contenders. I must state at this point that I’m not recommending any company personally only that I think it’s a great idea to check them out yourself. For example, I know there are age restrictions and prior health restrictions attached to these policies.

Most companies have this clause

Important information about this policy and COVID-19

Due to the pandemic, you will likely be covered for some claims related to COVID-19, such as emergency medical and repatriation costs, but others will vary by insurer.

For that reason I won’t talk more about those companies, what we want is a company that will cover for Covid related claims.

Sherlock Holmes would indeed be proud, after much research I found two companies that offer cover. Please check them out for yourself, do your own due diligence but certainly give them some consideration.

The first company is Battleface. I did a quote based on myself a 55 yr old male and my partner a 42 yr old female. Single trip x 14 days from The UK to The Gambia. Cost £109.00. Before you buy you can read their policy online so no surprises later.

The second company is Heymondo. I again did a quote based on myself and my partner Linda and their price for a single trip x 14 days from The UK to The Gambia was £103.00.

I hope this helps you find a way to safely book your holiday and we look forward to welcoming you in The Gambia’s Smiling Coast in 2021.

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