Seasonal special: Mad 4 Mango

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We love mangos. Are you a mango maniac too?


Here’s an idea. Come to The Gambia for the mango season:

few tourists and more fresh mangos than you can eat!


We have an offer for you to make that even more attractive!

This offer is valid for another:

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Discounts this Mango May

How can we make our lovely lodge in the splendid Gambia even more attractive? By giving you a nice discount of course. Book now and pay less!

Mango season is amazing. The weather in May and June is amongst the best Gambia has to offer. Daytime temperatures of 30 degrees and nighttime a very comfortable 22 degrees. Because the season is generally regarded as being over at the end of April, there are also far less tourists. This means more to go around!

More mango!

More mango to go around. They grow in abundance and become available in May. We like to use them in curries and spicy dishes, as well as in our home made ice creams, smoothies and desserts. Read all about our mangos here. Book your mango season stay before the end of 2016 and we will give you 20% of our listed prices for any of our mango products like ice cream, juice or delicious smoothies. But that’s not all…

More discounts!

More discounts to go around and this offer really is too good to miss! Stay 1 week and get 30% off your holiday 🙂 or stay 10 days and get 50% off your holiday 🙂 🙂 OR stay 14 days or more and get a whopping 60% off your holiday 🙂 🙂 🙂

If you book for:

May 2017.

and you book a stay in:

You get:

  • a 30% discount if you stay 1 week;
  • a 50% discount if you stay 10 days; or
  • a 60% discount if you stay 14 days or more.

AND a 20% discount on our listed prices for any of our mango products.

Only available if booked direct through Footsteps. These offers can not be used in conjunction with any other offer. The highest discount will apply.