Local guide, Sarani Darboe.

1971-2021 ( rest in peace ) The following post about our good friend Sarani was written long before he passed away but will remain as I can’t bear to remove it.

Sarani Darbo has been a local guide at Footsteps for nearly 18 years now. When we had our bushfire back in February 2007 he was not only a work colleague but also a real friend. He and his wife Roki welcomed me into their home when I had no home myself. They looked after me as well as any 5-star hotel and better. I felt part of their family at a time I had lost mine and I’m so happy to have been working with him these past 18 years.

Sarani Darbe local guided trip down The Alahein River
Sarani taking a trip down The Alahein River
Sarani Darbo local excursion by a local guide
Local excursion by a local guide

Being a local guide.

Sarani was born on the 30th November 1970 in the local village of Gunjur. Both his father ( Aba Darboe ) and his mother ( Jarra Jammeh ) were farmers. Sarani is a husband to Rohi and together they have five children, two daughters and 3 sons.

Sarani tells us ” My guiding career starts at Palma Rima Hotel.”

Back then he was having a small shop in the hotel selling postcards. Any postcards he sold he explained to the customer what it was and where to see the actual place.

He explains “They became interested and then asked me to take them to the places on the postcard.”

Any guest he went out with told their friends about him.

He became very popular and even had a nickname, Mr. Postcard. 

Gambian life | Sarani Darboe and his family
Sarani and Rohi back in 2009

He says ” I was selling and guiding until late 2001, when I heard about the construction of an eco lodge in Gunjur.”

” I said to myself this is my community and an opportunity to be closer to my family and also contribute to that community.

He joined Footsteps Ecolodge in 2003 as our first local tourist guide.

Ever since he has been doing local trips within the local village of Gunjur and further afield such as Banjul , our nations capital city.

Sarani with Lamin Camara
Sarani and guests with Lamin Camara
In Brikama shopping
In Brikama shopping for plastic kettles apparently
Happy days with Sarani our local guide
Happy days with Sarani

Sarani’s top trips

Showing guests the rich culture and historical places in our local village of Gunjur.

A trip on The Alahein River with the local paddle canoe. Its nice to do this one at sunset.

Bird watching for beginners from our purpose-built hide at Footsteps Eco-lodge.

A walk to the nearby wetlands and Koonfung forest.

For all you nature lovers who want to experience the local rich culture and see lovely birds I’m waiting to welcome you at Footsteps.


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