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We had the pleasure of meeting Sue and Keith Marshall over Xmas and New Year. Keith is working on an important project to help children with their education. We would like to share his work on the Sunny night light project with you.

Remember your homework for school?

Please take a minute to think back to your own years in school. Remember all the homework you had to do? Maybe you did not enjoy it very much, but it was pretty important wasn’t it? Now imagine having to do all that homework without any lights… Would you have been able to get the same amount of homework done by candlelight or sitting by a fire? Would you have been able to get the same grades? Would you have been able to get the job you have now?

For many children this is a very real disadvantage, because their family does not have access to light in the evenings. Daytime is for going to school and often some chores to help out the family. With the sun going down early in the evening there simply is no time left to do their homework with enough light. Obviously this has a negative impact on their school results and a lot of children are struggling with this challenge.

The sunny night light project!

Keith has a solution! He aims to improve the chances in life for these children with his Sunny night light solar project. His idea is to provide rechargeable portable lighting to those families and enable the children to do their homework. That might seem like a small thing, but the ripple effect is huge.

When those kids can do their homework, they will be able to do better in school! When kids do better in school, they will be able to get a better job. Kids getting better jobs will improve life for them, their families and their communities. Not to mention they will then be more able to solve problems their country and the rest of the world face. That is not a small thing!

Footsteps eco-lodge Gambia | Sunny Night Light at AFNOW by Footsteps & Jiki Foundation

How can you help?

You can see his work on the Sunny night light on his Facebook page here. We very much look forward to working in collaboration with sunny night light in providing our local community with this valuable resource.

That is why we have teamed up with AFNOW and the Jiki Foundation to bring the Sunny Night Light to the orphans and needy children in Gunjur. Updates on that project will follow soon. Want to help? Contact us or Keith & Sue!

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