Striped ground squirrel.

Oh boy, this Striped ground squirrel looks like butter wouldn’t melt, doesn’t it? I love watching them play in the trees. Not so much when they gain entry to roof space. Chances of getting any sleep are remote, especially during courtship when they tear around at breakneck speed chattering all the while. Grab some earplugs! […]

Are there Hippos in the Gambia?

Although most of the large game animals such as giraffe and elephants have been hunted to extinction in The Gambia a long time ago, hippos can still be observed in the protected area of the River Gambia National Park. Its full name, “Hippopotamus” is derived from the ancient Greek meaning a river horse. Some facts about Hippos that may surprise […]

Our local experience in The Gambia

Since the children left home, Jeremy and I have always had our holiday abroad in the winter to get some much-needed winter sun. We did the usual Canaries and a trip to the Caribbean. But we were really after a more local experience and not too long a flight. Destination Gambia! After looking everywhere, we […]

Western Red Colobus Monkey.

The Western Red Colobus Monkey, I really love these fellas. They grow to about 18 to 26 inches and have a slightly longer tail (approx 28 inches) With an average weight of 14 lbs, a large male can be as much as 24lbs. As we can see from the photos below they have a beautiful reddish-brown […]

Great Cormorant

The Great Cormorant is also a great fisherman. Often seen by locals as a major competitor for fish because not only are they great fishermen but also can eat as much as they catch. This big bird can stay underwater circa half a minute and dive to over five metres. Found just ten minutes from […]

Are you making plans yet?

We start making plans, then have to postpone, make more plans, postpone again. Its been a vicious circle this past year hasn’t it? I was reading through our previous updates which showed that we changed our plans continuously. First, we delayed our opening by a month, then another and then another until eventually, we had […]

Crocodiles or Alligators

Are they crocodiles or Alligators, I suppose we should get that bit right before we go further. There is a difference but most don’t know how to tell them apart. They are both scary as hell right. While they do share many of the same features, they couldn’t be any more different. Alligators have a […]

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