Cobia, Rachycentron Canadum, Aka Black Salmon. This fish is a rare one, simply because it can’t be placed anywhere at any one point on the tide, water conditions or even depth.They feed from the surface and up to 300 ft deep. It’s a well-known fact they like reef habitats though.A few facts about these beasts […]

My Gambia Birding Holidays

My Gambia birding holidays, guest blog by Chris Prince Photography Yes, there have been more than one, have produced memories too numerous to mention. Here are three of my favourites and if you would like to see more just click on my name above. Snowy-crowned Robin-chat My wife and I have been to The Gambia […]

Plastic Straws? We say no

Plastic straws, do we need them? You may remember from our last post “A Plastic Free Gambia” we talked about our plans to make The Gambia a more sustainable destination through a more responsible approach to using single-use plastics. Today we are continuing from there and looking at what we consider to be two of […]

Plastic Free Gambia

The best time to make a change is NOW! The plastic-free Gambia may be a long way off, however, at Footsteps we have always taken our social and environmental responsibilities seriously. And each year we try and find new ways of becoming more responsible. Not only to our local community and staff but also The […]

Gambia | Things I love most about

I love The Smiling Coast The Gambia | I spend about half of each year in what has been my second home for around twenty years now. Time drifts by effortlessly and finds when I’m away I miss it constantly. It must be the same for so many as over the years I have seen […]

June in Gambia

June in The Gambia is almost too beautiful to put into words. I’d almost forgotten because of its been eleven years since I have spent this much time here. Not wanting to mention the C-word but of course, that’s the reason we were still in The Gambia. No flights and all borders locked down. I […]

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