Christmas in Gambia

Christmas in Gambia? Yes please! We like to escape the Scottish winter. Usually, we head to the Canaries for some guaranteed sunshine over the Christmas and New Year holidays. But this year we decided to do something different and the Gambia fitted the bill. Not too long a flight from the UK, with guaranteed sunshine […]

Gambia by bicycle

“Want to see Gambia by bicycle?” I said to my husband Nick. We are experienced travellers and cycle-tourists, who are always looking for our next adventure.  At the end of 2017, we were seeking a sunny place to visit and decided to book a trip and see The Gambia by bicycle.  We found Footstep’s website […]

Common Wattle-eye

The Common Wattle-eye, probably more correctly named Brown-throated Wattle-eye and is sometimes called Scarlet-spectacled Wattle-eye. Interesting names and I can see immediately why it would be called Scarlet-spectacled and Common Wattle-eye could refer to it being widespread but Brown-throated refers to the female only. I have examined the pictures below and can’t find even a […]

Pink-backed pelican

The Pink-backed pelican, such an incredible bird, his mouth can hold more than his belly can🤣. Some years back my good friend Nuru from the Gambia reptile centre in Kartong, rescued a pelican that had had its beak cut. There are a few reasons why this may happen. It could be the bird has run […]

Levaillants Cuckoo

Levaillants Cuckoo pictured below at our purpose-built pool. Not only is the pool now well established but also you would not know it was man-made. A wide variety of birds frequent it each day. Because the hide is elevated and roofed you get great photos and are cool and comfortable while taking them. Bird info […]

African Harrier-hawk

The African Harrier-hawk is a medium to large bird of prey. We are lucky enough to see him on a regular basis because we are just next door to Kunfoong protected forest where he likes to be. He looks like he’s wearing matching socks and a mask, nice to be co-ordinated ! Where is the […]

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