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But it was Comfy

Gambian taxi

I love the old E Class Mercs and they just seem to go on forever, regardless of what may fall off or cease to function along the way. In their distinctive green and yellow livery, these timeless classics make up around sixty per cent of the tourist taxi fleet in The Gambia. E Class Mercs

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Mama Afrika

My Gambia internship In 2013, when I was in my last academic year Bachelor of Midwifery in Brussels, I was selected for an internship abroad to a land of my choosing… WAUW, that was my dream! I was able to choose an African country to stay and work for 3 months, to help less fortunate


Is Gambia beautiful?


Is Gambia beautiful? A few years ago, I read a travel report about The Gambia, “the smiling coast of Africa”, in a Belgian magazine and knew that I absolutely had to visit this place. In November 2018, the time had finally come. Together with a friend, we planned a 10-day holiday in the West African

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The smiling coast

Smiling coast of Gambia

Don’t ask me what it is about Gambia’s smiling coast? I couldn’t tell you other than it gets under your skin and once there it stays there. The people are gorgeous and for me as a photographer, present with a multitude of opportunities. I’ve been going there during the sad winters in the UK for

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Gunjur in The Gambia

Footsteps team

If you are looking for a holiday that is going to leave you with the most wonderful memories and the desire to return over and over again, look no further than Gunjur in The Gambia. In particular, the place to stay is Footsteps, an eco-lodge near Gunjur about 50 mins from Banjul airport. It is

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