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Reviewed Dec 2017

Great staff and location, but….

“Fantastic secluded location with access to the real Gambian experience of nature, country and seaside. Local staff were very welcoming, accommodating and hospitable. The lodges were fairly secluded and very clean. But, the down side, no electric plugs in each lodge, showers were often just cold water with very little pressure, bottled water very expensive on site, Wi-Fi only in place in one area for entire location and tourist trips ludicrously expensive and often calculated at different rates for different people with management taking large cuts from the locals. We would definitely recommend the Gambia but not unfortunately Footsteps….”

Response from David W, Owner of Footsteps Eco Lodge

Responded 17 Dec 2017

“Hello John and thank you for your feedback which while quite disappointing for my team and myself is of course reflective of your experience.
I want to take this opportunity to answer some of your points.
Our lodges have never had electric power points and we have never advertised as such, in fact, we specifically mention in our website advertising that indeed there is no power in the huts and that items such as cameras and smart devices are charged in our dedicated charging area in reception.
Our showers are solar and brand new and have been extremely well received by our visitors. There is nothing more we can do to get more pressure or more hot water out of a solar-powered system and can only apologise if you felt we did not deliver a suitable shower.
Our bottled water is available at 60 dalasi for a one-and-a-half litre bottle which is in line with most other establishments in Gambia, we also offer the bottle frozen so it stays cold and refreshing for our guests throughout the whole day at no extra charge.
Our wifi is advertised as not being available throughout all our rooms but available in the main areas. Also, our wifi is free to our guests and we make it very clear indeed it is not fast or reliable, it may interest you to know that we pay almost £100 per month just to achieve what we do and once again we are sorry that we did not meet your expectations.
Our pricing for trips is clear on our website and I can assure you that our guides are paid extremely well. There are guides outside the lodge who offer inferior trips for less money and these guides often try to persuade our guests that it’s better to go with them, it is not and does not support a good business model for the local area or its people. All in all, it was a very disappointing review for us which has come as a shock for the whole team but rest assured we will never stop striving to be the very best we can 😀”

NB – Since 2017 we have installed power in each of our rooms and also have led the charge to become a plastic-free lodge by supplying FREE filtered water to all of our guests.

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