Gambian Music

Jeli & Mariama play each week at Footsteps

Jeli Yankuba and Mariama have been playing their Gambian music at Footsteps for the past four years. He is an enormously talented singer/songwriter/musician and Mariama’s voice is just incredible without a microphone and singing outside.

They will be playing again this coming 2021/22 season for our guest’s pleasure, so please join us even if you’re not staying at Footsteps. Just call Dodou on +220 773 2060 if you are in the country and enjoy the party. 😀

Mariama & Jeli
Mariama | A voice of an angel
Jeli | The Jimi Hendrix of Kora

Jeli has a Kora School helping others to learn how to play.

His school is a non-profit making institution and has no political or religious ties believing that those showing true talent and commitment should get the chance of learning to sing and play music whatever their financial circumstances.

The main school is located in Gambia’s second city of Brikama and there is another school based in the more rural area of Gunjur in South Gambia. Their focus is on the students helping them to attain high-quality musical training and also to enjoy the challenges and hurdles which come during music-making.

They provide lessons at both locations and also run a number of traditional music workshops in local schools to raise students’ love and understanding of music by providing a musical environment which is engaging and enjoyable.

Sometimes we get a surprise guest

This is Byron Newman. He came to Footsteps for the first time in 2017 along with two friends, Shuggie Murphy and Michael Chapman Pincher.

Together they make up a really fun three-piece band called “Nkonkorrong” which play Gambian music, European, anything you like.

Here we hear Byron singing his version of ‘To make you feel my love”. Special memories in a special place with some special friends.

Evening Entertainment

Gambian Kora music
The sounds of Gambia
Gambian music and Dance
Dance the night away

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