Gambia weather & why we love It!

What is the weather like in The Gambia?

Gambia weather boasts a delightful sub-tropical climate that draws visitors all year round. With abundant sunshine throughout the year, this small country offers a perfect escape from colder climates. Gambia weather temperatures range between 29°C and 34°C, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for travelers seeking a tropical getaway.

Split into two distinct seasons, The Gambia experiences a dry season from late October to mid-June and a wet season from mid-June till October. The dry season, which aligns with the most popular months for holidaymakers, provides ideal conditions for exploring and enjoying outdoor activities. During this time, visitors can expect mild temperatures with little to no rainfall, allowing for comfortable and pleasant adventures.

In contrast, the wet season brings about heavier rainfall, particularly in July and August. Although rain showers are more frequent, they are often short-lived and provide relief from the tropical heat. It’s worth noting that the rainiest period occurs in August, with daily rainfall almost guaranteed during this month.

For those planning a trip to The Gambia, the month-by-month temperatures are worth considering. While January offers high temperatures of around 32°C and cool nights around 15°C, May and June bring hotter days with highs of 33°C to 34°C. By December, temperatures remain pleasantly warm, peaking at around 32°C during the day and cooling down to 16°C at night.

Overall, The Gambia’s weather presents a tropical haven with year-round sunshine and warm temperatures. Whether you’re seeking a winter escape or a summer adventure, this sub-tropical paradise promises an enchanting experience for all.

Below we can see month-by-month temperatures.

Gambia weather for Gunjur & the Kombos


High-temperature 32°C and low of 15°C with no rainfall


High-temperature 31°C and low of 16°C with no rainfall 


High-temperature 31°C and low of 17°C with no rainfall 


High-temperature 32°C and low of 18°C with no rainfall 


High-temperature 34°C and low of 19°C with no rainfall 


High-temperature 33°C and low of 23°C with a chance of light showers toward the end of the month


High-temperature 32°C and low of 23°C with stronger more persistent rain. 


High-temperature 32°C and low of 23°C with the strongest rainfall generally, expect rain every day. 


High-temperature 30°C and low of 23°C, rainfall less frequent and strong as August becoming infrequent by the end of the month.


High-temperature 29°C and low of 22°C with little to no rainfall especially toward the middle/end of the month.


High-temperature 31°C and low of 18°C with no rainfall 


High-temperature 32°C and low of 16°C with no rainfall 

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Typical December weather!

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Gambia weather
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