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New travel advice for UK holidaymakers!

Gambia travel news for vaccinated travellers

(18/9/2021) Good news for vaccinated travellers! Good news I hear you say! What’s that? It’s been a very long time coming but this week we have seen that there may be light at the end of the tunnel for holidaymakers coming from and returning to The UK. In my last news update, β€œIs it now …

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The trees at Footsteps

Trees at Footsteps

While sitting upstairs on our sundeck this evening, Linda and I were admiring the trees and flowering bushes at Footsteps. We realised that there were memories attached to a great many of the beautiful examples contained inside our grounds. There is of course a story to go with every tree but we have planted in …

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Is it now safe to travel to The Gambia?

Is it safe to travel to The Gambia

Is it now safe to travel to The Gambia? This time last year, I was, to say the least, unsure of how we would all be coping with Covid and the restrictions it placed upon us. I knew how dangerous it was but refused to believe it could stop the world in its tracks. I …

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Gambian Pirogues!

Typical Gambian fishing boat

I love to see Gambian Pirogues out on the water. They glide through the water effortlessly as if they had always been part of the sea. On a sunny day with blue skies, their colours pop and sparkle against the water. In The Gambia, Pirogues are the same as in Senegal which is where most …

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Footsteps timeline, celebrate 20 yrs with us!

20 Years of Footsteps

In the Footsteps timeline, it hardly seems possible that in January 2022 we will have been in business for 20 yrs. It seems like just yesterday I was making plans to open an accommodation in The Gambia. Principles that start with its team and end with them too. Looking back over 20yrs I’m proud of …

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Linking Tourism & Conservation

Linking Tourism & Conservation

Footsteps Eco-lodge has just become a member of LT&C ( Linking Tourism & Conservation ). And I thought I might tell you why. You never know, you may like the idea of joining us yourself πŸ˜‰. Their mission is to facilitate an educational global network of tourism and conservation ambassadors. Working together to increase tourism …

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Are you making plans yet?

We start making plans, then have to postpone, make more plans, postpone again. Its been a vicious circle this past year hasn’t it? I was reading through our previous updates which showed that we changed our plans continuously. First, we delayed our opening by a month, then another and then another until eventually, we had …

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