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Gambia’s rich culture

Gambia’s culture is rich and diverse and has been colonised more than once, first by the Portuguese, during which time it was known as A Gâmbia. This is when the trade in human slaves began and was famously documented in Alex Hayley’s novel “Roots”. Later, in 1765, the Gambia was made a part of the British Empire and remained so under its protection for 200 yrs when it gained independence. 

Its capital city is Banjul, a bustling vibrant hub that is home to Gambia’s port, national museum, and also Albert Market, the largest in a country where everything from spices to fine tailoring can be found.

Likewise, we lay on the edge of one of Gambia’s largest villages, Gunjur. It is home to 18,000 residents and has several schools, a vibrant daily market, and lots of local shops selling everything from candles to local meat pies. It has its own museum and its own vibrant busy fishing centre where fishermen bring their Bonga fish catch to be smoked, straight from the smoker it’s really delicious!

About Gambia culture
The capital city of Gambia is Banjul

Traditional Gambian art

The Gambia has a rich and diverse arts & crafts culture ranging from wood carvings to tie n dye and painting. It has several art galleries and of course, the wide-open walls project which is an absolute must-see while here.

At Footsteps, we are lucky enough to work with some of the most skilled artists and craftspeople around. Ousman is a weaver of the highest quality. He works with my partner Linda at “The Gambia Cotton Trail” and is based at Footsteps. Bai Sering is a skilled silversmith still using the old methods taught to him by his father. Malang is one of Gambia’s finest woodcarvers. He makes bespoke art for our guests as well as for international clients. Meet them all on your next holiday in Gambia.

Cotton trail Gambia based at Footsteps Eco-lodge
Gambian art at the open walls project

We have some amazing wildlife

Gambia wildlife has birds galore ranging from the tiny colourful Pygmy Kingfisher to much larger birds of prey. See Monkeys in their natural habitat, of which there are six species found in The Gambia. They are vervet monkeys, red colobus, red patas, bush babies, baboons and chimpanzees.

We have around 40 species of snake of which around ten are poisonous, also many kinds of lizards ranging from the small chameleon to the much larger monitor lizard. Crocodiles and alligators, we have both and know exactly where to find them. Spiders and insects, are here too and are so interesting once you push past the usual fear response.

Gambias wildlife
Wildlife in Gambia- Chameleon

The smiling coast

Local life in Gambia
©David White – Local life in Gambia

We cater for Birdwatchers, Yoga practitioners, Fishing and holidaymakers who want to relax and experience the local culture. Our unique accommodations offer a variety of well-designed rooms in relaxed and friendly surroundings.

Here you will enjoy the finest international/local food & drink. Enjoy fragrant Bougainvillea while sitting by Gambia’s only freshwater-filtered pool. From Nov-April we operate an adult-only lodge

Eco hotel Gambia
©David White – Beautiful gardens

Recharge your batteries

While holidaying at our eco-lodge, you are assured of staying in one of Gambia’s best hotels and the most beautiful, natural environments West Africa has to offer.

Our eco-lodge credentials mean that you get the holiday you deserve, safe in the knowledge that the environment – and the custodians that depend upon it – are protected too.

Whether chatting with friends (old and new), enjoying the finest food and drink, or exploring the woodlands and beaches on your doorstep, Gambia holidays offer you the ideal place to relax and unwind.

Here we have a relaxed attitude to time and things often get delayed. We say take off your watch and reconnect with your surroundings. Stop fretting about being somewhere at a certain time. Then life begins to reset. Just like a watch. Sleep when you’re tired and eat when you’re hungry. Do as much or as little as you want to, and let Footsteps Eco-lodge work its magic.

Footsteps freshwater Eco-lodge pool

This is the best place to stay in gambia
Get your tan in the treetops

Unique and at the heart of our eco-lodge is our sun deck & freshwater eco-pool. Because our sundeck covers it, the freshly filtered water stays cool & lovely. It’s a favourite not only with our guests but also with the wildlife visiting each day.

And most literally the place to be on hot afternoons. To sit with newfound friends with your feet in the cool water is heaven. Watch numerous birds come down to drink, no need for binoculars at this birding hotspot. Powered by solar & filtered naturally through reed beds, it’s home to Chameleons, Dragonflies, Butterflies & numerous birds.

Eco pool Gambia
Chill out on hot afternoons
The best holiday in The Gambia

Fresh food, always!

Everything you want from a lodge restaurant: two innovative flamboyant chefs creating mouth-watering meals to suit every taste from a modern open-view kitchen with the best fresh ingredients.

We serve breakfast, lunch, snacks, and each evening we offer a new three-course menu for dinner, which includes stunning European, vegetarian and local options. Try your hand at making Benachin, a sort of risotto dish. Or a Domada which is a stew made with peanuts. See some examples of local Gambian food recipes and instructions on how to make them yourself here.

Gambian cuisine

Our Gambia holiday activities

There are so many things to do in Gambia.

On and off-site activities include local cooking, birding, fishing, yoga, photography, nature trails, cycling, and much more.

Go on guided bird-watching excursions with Lamin, and join him on half and full-day trips to areas of local interest such as the local village of Gunjur with its thriving market and busy fishing centre. If fishing is your pleasure then our coastline produces some of the best fishing anywhere in the world!

Holiday in Gambia

The Best Eco-lodge solutions

In 2018, we became the first eco-lodge in the country to supply our guests with a reusable 800ml drinking bottle along with free filtered water during their stay. This has saved literally thousands of plastic bottles a year. Imagine if more hotels did this!

We always strive to be good, honest, and true in everything we do. We care deeply about our environment and work hard to ensure that the people who look after it benefit from its protection. Read more about sustainable tourism at Footsteps and our commitment to reducing our use of plastics.

Our Gambia holidays blog

Please look at our blog where you will find articles from Footsteps founder David and experiences had by some of our guests too.

Is the birding good?

The Gambia is a paradise for birdwatching and birders, with more than 550 species to be seen.

Footsteps offer not only day trips for the dedicated birder but also bird hides on-site where as many as 100 species can be seen within the grounds of the lodge.

If you are interested in birding, check out our birding page and itineraries. Other trips can be tailor-made for you if you wish.

We have a dedicated birding blog now too with the kind of images all serious photographers want.

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