The Gambia’s wildlife

Reptiles of The Gambia

Reptiles of The Gambia

Reptiles are fascinating creatures that can be found in abundance in the beautiful country of Gambia. With its diverse landscape of riverbanks, forests, and savannahs, Gambia provides a variety of habitats for these reptiles to thrive. From snakes to lizards to turtles, the country is home to a rich array of reptilian species that play […]

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Are There Mosquitoes In Gambia?

Are there mosquitos in Gambia

I´m often asked, are there mosquitoes in Gambia? And do I need to take anti-malarial tablets while on holiday? Let’s take a look at this tiny insect and how we can protect ourselves while enjoying our holidays. Mosquitoes in Gambia are just one factor to consider when planning a visit to this beautiful and vibrant

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Turtle Conservation In The Gambia

Sea Turtle Conservation

Importance of Turtle Conservation: Turtles have a vital role in maintaining the health of marine ecosystems. They contribute to the balance of biodiversity, control jellyfish populations, and help with nutrient cycling. Their survival is crucial not only for the ecological balance but also for the tourism industry, as turtle watching attracts visitors who appreciate the

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Gambia’s Busy, Busy Bees!

Honey Bee

Bees and Honey Production in Gambia Situated in West Africa, The Gambia is not only known for its beautiful landscapes and wildlife but also for its thriving honey production industry. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of bees and honey production in Gambia, highlighting the importance of these tiny creatures and the

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We’re All Going Bats in Gambia

Bat watching in Gambia

Did you know that bat-watching is becoming a thing? They are sometimes called flying rodents, but this description couldn’t be more wrong. Bats are not related to rodents but belong to a superorder that includes animals such as pangolins and whales. Bats are often overshadowed by their more popular counterparts in the animal kingdom, such as hippos, crocodiles,

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