Are There Mosquitoes In Gambia?

Are there mosquitos in Gambia

I´m often asked, are there mosquitoes in Gambia? And do I need to take anti-malarial tablets while on holiday? Let’s take a look at this tiny insect and how we can protect ourselves while enjoying our holidays. Mosquitoes in Gambia are just one factor to consider when planning a visit to this beautiful and vibrant

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Tribal culture in The Gambia

Tribal culture in Gambia Wolof

The Tribal Tapestry of The Gambia The Gambia, the smallest country in mainland Africa, is home to a rich mosaic of tribal ethnic groups, each boasting its own language, customs, and traditions. While there is a harmonious coexistence among these groups, their unique identities contribute to the Gambia’s cultural diversity. Here, we explore the primary

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