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The smiling coast

Don’t ask me what it is about Gambia’s smiling coast? I couldn’t tell you other than it gets under your skin and once there it stays there. The people are gorgeous and for me as a photographer, present with a multitude of opportunities. I’ve been going there during the sad winters in the UK for […]

African Wattled Lapwing

The African Wattled Lapwing sometimes referred to as The Senegal Wattled Plover is found near to Footsteps at the nearby wetlands. The yellow flaps under its eyes are called “wattles”, hence the name Wattled Lapwing. Bird information. Where is the African Wattled Lapwing found? As mentioned earlier, this large wader is found a short stroll away […]

Gunjur in The Gambia

If you are looking for a holiday that is going to leave you with the most wonderful memories and the desire to return over and over again, look no further than Gunjur in The Gambia. In particular, the place to stay is Footsteps, an eco-lodge near Gunjur about 50 mins from Banjul airport. It is […]

Black-crowned Night-heron

The Black-crowned Night-heron can be seen at Footsteps or nearby at the wetlands a short walk away. Found across most of the world including The Uk in Somerset where the first breeding pair with fledgelings were seen in 2017. As you can see from the pictures below, this bird seems to prefer standing on one […]

An ethical fashion brand, Originafrica

As an ethical fashion brand based in the UK, responsible cotton production is at the heart of our thoughts. Cotton production, cotton history and the historical human impacts of this industry are in our hearts. While the world desperately tries to move on to reusable fabrics during the ensuing environmental crisis that builds (especially the […]

Wildlife photography in Gambia

I love to travel, I and love wildlife photography. I’m Italian and based in Spain for 17 years, in my research saw the Gambia as a pretty good option. Researching deeper on the internet and YouTube, I realize that the Gambia actually could be a great option. Only 4 hours flight from  Barcelona, beautiful weather, […]

Christmas in Gambia

Christmas in Gambia? Yes please! We like to escape the Scottish winter. Usually, we head to the Canaries for some guaranteed sunshine over the Christmas and New Year holidays. But this year we decided to do something different and the Gambia fitted the bill. Not too long a flight from the UK, with guaranteed sunshine […]

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