Village Indigo bird

Village Indigo bird

The Village Indigo bird is common across Africa. A regular at Footsteps and a favourite among photographers because it’s not shy. It will happily come and feed at your feet so is very easy to photograph and video. The video below shows perfectly the way this little bird looks for its food by scratching the …

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Mama Afrika Team

My Gambia internship In 2013, when I was in my last academic year Bachelor of Midwifery in Brussels, I was selected for an internship abroad to a land of my choosing… WAUW, that was my dream! I was able to choose an African country to stay and work for 3 months, to help less fortunate …


New travel advice for UK holidaymakers!

Gambia travel news for vaccinated travellers

(18/9/2021) Good news for vaccinated travellers! Good news I hear you say! What’s that? It’s been a very long time coming but this week we have seen that there may be light at the end of the tunnel for holidaymakers coming from and returning to The UK. In my last news update, β€œIs it now …

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Carmine Bee-eater

Carmine Bee-eater

Also known as The Northern Carmine Bee-eater or for example the Nubian Bee-eater. In contrast to Its close relative, The Southern Carmine Bee-eater is identical apart from its Carmine (Red ) throat. Bird information. Where is the Carmine Bee-eater found? The Carmine Bee-eater is found a short drive away from Footsteps in Kartong ( approx 25 minutes …

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Red-throated Bee-eater

Red-throated Bee-eater

The Red-throated Bee-eater much like all other Bee-eaters is a stunning bird. As we can see from the pictures below, they are very different when viewed in flight from above and below. Bird information. Where is the Red-throated Bee-eater found? The Red-throated Bee-eater has a wide distribution across tropical Africa, its range extending from Senegal …

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Yellow-billed Stork

Yellow-billed Stork

The Yellow-billed Stork although sometimes known as a Wood Stork or Wood Ibis is actually a true Stork. The pictures below are of breeding adults and can be distinguished from juveniles by the colour of their backs. Adults have white backs and juveniles have grey backs. Bird information. Where is the Yellow-billed Stork found? The …

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Is Gambia beautiful?

Is Gambia beautiful? A few years ago, I read a travel report about The Gambia, “the smiling coast of Africa”, in a Belgian magazine and knew that I absolutely had to visit this place. In November 2018, the time had finally come. Together with a friend, we planned a 10-day holiday in the West African …

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