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Lizard Buzzard

The Lizard Buzzard is named because it hunts and kills Lizards. But as we will learn later it eats all manner of prey too. We have always had a resident Lizard Buzzard inside our lodge grounds. I would watch him from our Bantaba. He sits high up in a Palm tree patiently waiting for an […]


Guitarfish are so named because of their vague resemblance to a guitar. They are not a great eating fish although locals in Gambia will cook it as a kind of stew. They have little meat to speak of and are more torso and skeleton than anything else. The locals sell the gelatinous fins of the […]

Update 24/11/2020

Safe to travel? Hi everyone, in the last week of each month we have been evaluating the situation regarding our opening date. Thanks to all who joined our MEMBERS CLUB. And in so doing gave us some valuable information about when you will feel safe to travel. ( Gov.UK travel advice ) This one piece […]

Birdwatching with The Catts

We all know how much cats love to go birdwatching. But today we’re going to look at some different Catts. Steve and Alison have been coming to The Gambia and Footsteps since 2014 and have returned 7 times now. Steve has turned his love for nature and wildlife from a hobby into a photography business. […]

The Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird

Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird, what a great name. whenever I think of this tiny bird I think of Peter Pans Tinker-bell. I suppose it’s just the name I associate or maybe that they are both elusive. It was in the past known as a Yellow-fronted Tinker Barbet and is indeed a member of the Barbet family. I’m […]


Cobia, Rachycentron Canadum, Aka Black Salmon. This fish is a rare one, simply because it can’t be placed anywhere at any one point on the tide, water conditions or even depth.They feed from the surface and up to 300 ft deep. It’s a well-known fact they like reef habitats though.A few facts about these beasts […]

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