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Review on Footstep ecolodge
Absolutely enjoying and feeling free in the Footstep Ecolodge in the Gambia.
Enormous hospitality given by the host David and kind personnel, nothing you ask is too much. Even at a moment of global crisis, their door was still open. The lodge has got a beautiful garden with a lot of beautiful birds, flowers and geckos.
The lodge is only a 20-minute walk to the beach, and 60 minutes walking to Gunjur centre. Gunjur is a village with kind people, in case you would like to get to know any locals.For some relaxing or cultural activities in the lodge area or on the beach, you can talk to David. Beautiful African cabins, always clean.An excellent place to come for a relaxing holiday! Sabrina Asselman

Tripadvisor Traveller Choice 2020

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