Rose Ringed Parakeet

Rose Ringed Parakeet are present daily at Footsteps. Usually in groups as illustrated in the short video below.

Male Rose Ringed Parakeet ©Rob Garner

Short video of Rose Ringed Parakeets at Footsteps © Emyr Evans

Where is the Rose Ringed Parakeet found?

As mentioned earlier, he is seen at Footsteps mainly because they like forest interiors.

In Gambia for example it is generally fairly common.

What does it look like?

The adult male sports a red and black neck ring, and the hen and immature birds of both sexes either show no neck rings, or display shadow-like pale to dark grey neck rings. Both sexes have a distinctive green colour in the wild, and captive bred ringnecks have multiple colour mutations which include turquoise, cinnamon, olive, white, blue, violet, grey and yellow. Rose-ringed parakeets measure on average 40 cm in length, including the tail feathers, a large portion of their total length. Their average single-wing length is about 15 to 17.5 cm. Souce Wikipedia

What does it feed on?

They are a herbivorous eating all manner of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and berries 

Want to know an interesting Factoid?

Parakeets are known for their ability to mimic human speech with a vocabulary of words around 250. Because of this they have been kept as pets all over the world. Some of these captive birds find freedom and adapt very well to climates much colder than their native country.

How does a Rose Ringed Parakeet sound?

Very noisy with a characteristic squawking sound.

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