Wildlife photography in Gambia

I love to travel, I and love wildlife photography. I’m Italian and based in Spain for 17 years, in my research saw the Gambia as a pretty good option. Researching deeper on the internet and YouTube, I realize that the Gambia actually could be a great option. Only 4 hours flight from  Barcelona, beautiful weather, a small country ( this is something to take into consideration unless you have got 6 months holidays ).

Impressed with the owner´s approach regarding environmental care and human rights. I reserved my flight and booked a room at Footsteps Eco-lodge.

Is Gambia good for birds?

When I get arrived it was night so I couldn´t see much, but the morning after I was woken by lots of birds singing. What I saw that morning once out of the room I will never forget.

Even the most common birds around the garden were absolutely beautiful, and not shy at all.

I could take several interesting pictures in 3 hours, much more than I could shoot in 5 days in Europe.

The quantity and quality of the flora and fauna in the Gambia are really impressive. Heaven on earth in a really relaxed atmosphere and perfect for wildlife photography.

The forests and birding explorers all around make me think that The Gambia is the place for serious birders.

I continue with my holiday and booked few days with the local bird guide, Lamin Bojang.

We went to the Kartong bird observatory, Brufut Forest, Tanji Birds Reserve, Abuko forest and Kotu bridge.

All the locations are fantastic.

The commute time from the lodge is between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

This allowed me to spend a lot of time in the field taking pictures of excellent birds guided and supported by Lamin ( his knowledge is incredible ) 

Me & Lamin

Flora & fauna are perfect for wildlife photography

Abyssinian Roller
Yellow-billed Shrike
Hooded vulture

Lamin is not only a bird guide but also the founder of a local museum in Gunjur. I visited and was impressed by the effort and good vibes the local community puts on this project, very remarkable. I also met Lamin´s little daughter Mbassaly. A nice smart little lady to whom I did a portrait picture that I love so much. 

Lamin Bojang in his museum
Lamin’s daughter, Mbasally Bojang
My painting of Mbasally

It feels really good sharing opinions and points of view regarding the different styles of life in Gambia and Spain. I spent such a good time with people that I come back again the year after!  I couldn´t come back in 2020 but I will do everything I need to come back in 2021,  I feel like I have good friends in the Gambia, I really missed them a lot, I really miss The Gambia.

Written by Andrea Luschi.

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