Update 24/11/2020

Safe to travel? Hi everyone, in the last week of each month we have been evaluating the situation regarding our opening date. Thanks to all who joined our MEMBERS CLUB. And in so doing gave us some valuable information about when you will feel safe to travel. ( Gov.UK travel advice ) This one piece […]

Gambia Cotton Trail

The Gambia is, of course, famous for its birding, nature and its beaches. But did you know that thirty years back it was also famous for its cotton production? Enter The Gambia Cotton Trail! A brief history of cotton in The Gambia Back then it was grown, harvested and sold at a fixed price per […]

Safety Measures for Covid19, Part 2

Safety measures part 2 | In our last blog post Safety measures for Covid19, we talked about the steps we have taken to ensure your safety whilst holidaying in The Gambia. We have a person responsible for compliance with Covid guidelines. And have taken all reasonable steps to make sure our guests and staff are […]

Safety measures for Covid19

Safety measures | in our last update we talked about when it may be safe to travel and holiday in The Gambia once more. Because of the current situation regarding Covid19, we made a decision to delay opening our lodge until January 2021. Our hope is that we will know by early December how The […]

Plastic Straws? We say no

Plastic straws, do we need them? You may remember from our last post “A Plastic Free Gambia” we talked about our plans to make The Gambia a more sustainable destination through a more responsible approach to using single-use plastics. Today we are continuing from there and looking at what we consider to be two of […]

Plastic Free Gambia

The best time to make a change is NOW! The plastic-free Gambia may be a long way off, however, at Footsteps we have always taken our social and environmental responsibilities seriously. And each year we try and find new ways of becoming more responsible. Not only to our local community and staff but also The […]

Gambia | Things I love most about

I love The Smiling Coast The Gambia | I spend about half of each year in what has been my second home for around twenty years now. Time drifts by effortlessly and finds when I’m away I miss it constantly. It must be the same for so many as over the years I have seen […]

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