Fishing in The Gambia

Beach Fishing in Gambia

Fishing in The Gambia | Location local beach – Lunch, transport, rods, reels & bait are all included 4 hrs fishing for £30 Book online or at the lodge

Beach fishing is Fun in the Sun

Fishing in The Gambia is the ultimate bonding activity! And guess what? Your amazing accommodation is just a stone’s throw away from our beach! I mean, who needs a long commute when you can be reeling in the biggest catch of your life within minutes? Now let me tell you a little secret about The Gambia – it may be a teeny tiny country, but boy oh boy, does it pack a punch in the fishing department!

With a whopping 80 kilometres of coastline, it’s like a treasure trove for all you fishing enthusiasts out there. Whether you’re on a boat, chilling on the beach, or exploring the rivers, there’s a whole bunch of fish just begging to be caught.

Likewise, if you’ve been dreaming of a fishing getaway that’s equal parts fun and adventure, The Gambia is your ultimate destination. Get ready to create some epic fish tales and make memories that will have you hooked for life!”

The sea and river fish in Gambia all year round. As an added bonus, the many sandy bays, shallow reefs and rocky outcrops give plenty of opportunities to try out different methods of fishing.

Holiday in Gambia

We catch great fish

Guitarfish, Jack, Captain fish, Grouper, Rays, Snapper, Barracuda, Butterfish, Threadfin Salmon, Ladyfish, and a whole menagerie of fascinating aquatic creatures are proudly showcasing their swimming skills in the crystal-clear coastal waters of The Gambia.

It’s a veritable marine extravaganza that will leave any angler absolutely speechless! If you’re a fishing enthusiast searching for the ultimate thrill of casting your line in foreign locations, then look no further than The Gambia.

Not only will you have the chance to reel in incredible catches, but you’ll also immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of culture, colour, and unforgettable experiences. Likewise, The Gambia truly offers the best of both worlds!

And guess what? As you embark on your fishing adventures, our charming canine companion, Scrappy doo, will gladly accompany you. Together, you’ll create memories that will make waves in the annals of angling history! Oh, and did I mention the beauty I managed to hook?

Fish in Gambia

Filleted and on the plate in minutes

After enjoying a laid-back and hopefully fruitful day at the beach, what could be more fin-tastic than bringing back your fish and letting our talented chefs work their magic to turn it into the national dish of The Gambia, Fish Yassa!

Don’t forget to capture the unforgettable moment with a ‘fishy’ selfie! And of course, once it’s on the plate, it’ll be an absolute catch 😉 So why not dive into the fun of beach fishing with us? It’s just a hop, skip, and jump away from our lodge!

Your ‘guide’: David

Fishing in The Gambia


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