Northern puffback

The Northern puffback is another little bird which is found inside Footsteps and on the short walk to our local beach. The male and female as pictured below are quite different in appearance.

©Rob Carr – Northern Puffback (m)
©Rob Carr – Northern Puffback (f)

Bird information.

Where can we see a Northern puffback?

The birds pictured above were photographed between Footsteps and the beach, close to our newly formed water park. Otherwise, you would find it in moist lowland forests or a mix of open grassy woodland.

What does it look like?

Males are mostly black and white, with grey on the rump and shoulder whilst females are brown on the back and buffy light orange underside.

What does it feed on?

They feed on insects found by foraging on the forest floor and occasionally fruit.

Want to know an interesting Factoid?

It forms a superspecies with the black-backed puffback, which replaces it in eastern equatorial and southern Africa. Source Animalia

How does it sound?

The most common call is a rising Kyeeewu.

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