Broad-billed roller

The Broad-billed roller is found at Footsteps and its immediate surrounding area. It is also known as a Cinnamon roller and African Broad-billed roller.

©Rob Carr
©Rob Carr

Bird information.

Where can we see a Broad-billed roller?

The birds pictured above were photographed from the path leading to Footsteps but can also be seen across The Gambia where there is open woodland with tall trees and also preferably close to water.

What does it look like?

It is 29–30 cm in length. It has a warm back and head, lilac foreneck and breast, and the remaining plumage is mainly brown. The broad bill is bright yellow. Sexes are similar, but the juvenile is a drabber version of the adult, with a pale breast. The broad-billed roller is striking in its strong direct flight, with the brilliant blues of the wings and tail contrasting with the brown back. Source Wikipedia

What does it feed on?

They feed on swarming insects such as ants and termites. Often you can see maybe a hundred or so rollers hunting together

Want to know an interesting Factoid?

They are inactive for most of the day until late afternoon when they come to life hunting for swarming insects.

How does it sound?

The call is an angry k-k-k-k-k-r-r-r-r-r sound.

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