Photography in The Gambia

Photography in Gambia

Photography in Gambia

Just 6 hours from Europe and without any jet lag, you can start snapping photos on arrival.

The birding in Gambia is superb, with at least 576 species of bird in addition to monkeys, numerous reptiles, an abundance of flowers, and unusual trees there’s always something to capture. Go see the Baobab tree for example, but make sure you bring your wide-angle lens!

Gambia tourism attractions include local markets, villages, and the capital Banjul, a vibrant and bustling West-African city.

Or you may choose to take a trip upriver and visit The C4RC team (Communities for Red Colobus) You might even want to push the boat out so to speak and meander along the river in a traditional Gambian pirogue. FairPlay Gambia offers trips to suit everyone.


Photo Etiquette

It’s generally polite and respectful to ask permission before taking someone’s picture.

Most people will likely say yes, but it’s important to treat them with respect and not objectify them. When you try to take a photo, especially of younger people, they will often happily join in and pose, making it hard to capture natural moments of Gambians going about their day.

However, there are people who don’t like being photographed, and we should respect their dignity and privacy.

An important note is that it is ‘illegal’ to photograph police officers, guards, and government buildings without officially sanctioned permission. Definitely do not take pictures of embassies, government buildings or military people or bases without proper official guided permission.

Photography etiquette in Gambia
Gambia photography
Enjoying a swim ©Emyr Evans

Life through a lens

You don’t have to be a professional to capture something typical, beautiful, or funny. Taking good pictures is not about the price and size of your camera. It’s about the person wielding it.

We know exactly when and where to go to put you where the pictures are. Try our sunrise/sunset trip and create memories to last a lifetime.

Amateur or pro?

We have two sets of Gambia photography signature postcards available to buy.

The suggested donation price is £5.00 & proceeds go to local charities. ( This is just a guide price and you can give whatever you feel is right, ie anything from £1 to £££, it’s up to you ) All photos were taken by guests who have previously stayed at Footsteps Eco-Lodge.

Set 1

Photographing monkeys in Gambia
©Frode Falconberg
Smiling coast of Gambia
©Ian Misselbrook
Gambia photo competition
©Rob Garner
©Steve Keightley
Photographic competition
©Jan Erik Roer
Oxpecker birds on a cow
©Tim Sexton

Set 2

Gambia photo competition entry
©Rob Garner
Simon Fenton photo entry
©Simon Fenton
Boats in Gambia
©Mark Gray
6 of the best competition Gambia
©Daisy O’Neil
Women at the fishing centre Gambia
©Cor Coster
Competiton photo Gambia
©Graham Workman

If you are feeling inspired and want to know more about our tailor-made Gambia photography days, contact David for more information.


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