Levaillants Cuckoo

Levaillants Cuckoo pictured below at our purpose-built pool. Not only is the pool now well established but also you would not know it was man-made. A wide variety of birds frequent it each day. Because the hide is elevated and roofed you get great photos and are cool and comfortable while taking them. Bird info […]

River fishing with Ged Brown

River fishing, Gambian term bolong fishing. I’ll start by saying river fishing is not my forte. Over the years I’ve fished many of the seven rivers of The Gambia. Often with little success, or if I’ve had success it’s been more luck than judgement ( barracuda on shrimp at Bintang etc). In recent years I’ve […]


The Hamerkop takes its name from the shape of its head, it has a long bill and crest at the back that looks somewhat like a hammer. It comes from the Afrikaans word for the hammerhead. It’s easy to see why from the pictures below although I think it should have been named ice pick! You find […]

Striped ground squirrel.

Oh boy, this Striped ground squirrel looks like butter wouldn’t melt, doesn’t it? I love watching them play in the trees. Not so much when they gain entry to roof space. Chances of getting any sleep are remote, especially during courtship when they tear around at breakneck speed chattering all the while. Grab some earplugs! […]

African Harrier-hawk

The African Harrier-hawk is a medium to large bird of prey. We are lucky enough to see him on a regular basis because we are just next door to Kunfoong protected forest where he likes to be. He looks like he’s wearing matching socks and a mask, nice to be co-ordinated ! Where is the […]

The story of my friend Ron, a Senegal parrot

I have fond memories of The Senegal parrot because I helped save one from an almost certain life in captivity. It was back in October 2005. We were preparing to open the lodge and busy making preparations for a new season. This year we wanted to provide our team with pushbikes, all 20 of them. […]

Double-spurred Francolin

Double-spurred Francolin – Usually we see this game bird which is a member of the Pheasant family entering Footsteps from the protected Koonfung Forest next door to us. Moving in small groups like chickens they scurry quite quickly over open land preferring the cover of grass and bushland. Where can we find the Double-spurred Francolin? […]

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