Paintings at Footsteps

Welcome to cotton trail art

Paintings at Footsteps by local artists using locally grown cotton weaved by our very own Ousman.

The original concept is the idea of my partner, Linda Verasdal. Its purpose is to create income and a unique platform for the self-expression of artists in The Gambia.

The paintings you see in your room today are all for sale and there are different paintings in each room. You can see them below and are free to purchase them too if you wish. As the paintings are sold they are replaced by the artist and are constantly changing.

Please feel free to bring the paintings outside to show and compare the pictures in your room with other guests. This increases the chance of sales and serves to help the artist even more. ( Please note because of our new Covid Policy we ask that you bring the painting outside and not invite other guests into your room )

All large paintings at Footsteps are priced at 3,000 dalasi which at the current exchange rate is £43.00 or €46.00.

All small paintings are priced at 2,000 which is approx £30.00 or €32.00.

The price excludes its frame and we wrap the painting in a protective cover for its journey back home with you.

NB. All monies go to The Gambia Cotton Trail and the artists directly, Footsteps receives no part of the sale cost.

We hope this local art will remind you of your time spent in your roundhouse in The Gambia with us at Footsteps and bring you happiness always!

The gallery of Paintings at Footsteps roundhouses

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