Birding in Gambia

Yellow-crowned Gonolek

Yellow Crowned Gonolek

The Yellow-crowned Gonolek is one of those birds that you just can’t miss. The colours and its song give it away wherever it goes. Also known as the Common Gonolek, it is a medium-sized passerine bird from the bushshrike family. Where is the bird found? I’m happy to say this colourful bird is found at Footsteps all year round. See …

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The Pygmy Kingfisher

Pygmy Kingfisher

The Pygmy Kingfisher is the smallest of The Kingfishers in The Gambia but one that has a special place in my heart. This tiny bird is one of our most frequent visitors. In the past, we have had birdwatchers come to Footsteps specifically to see her. As regular as clockwork she arrives around three pm …

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Snowy-crowned Robin-chat

Snowy-crowned Robinchat. Footsteps

Welcome to the first in our Gambia Birdlife blogposts. Each week I shall talking about birds found in The Gambia and mostly at Footsteps. We will be publishing each Saturday so keep an eye open for Gambia Birdlife! The Snowy-crowned Robin-chat is one of my personal favourites. They’re not shy so will come right up …

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Birding for Beginners


Birding for beginners Want to see what all the fuss is about? If you’re thinking of visiting The Gambia this year chances are you may already be an avid birder. Gambia has over 570 species most of which are available year round so it’s no surprise that we get so many enthusiasts coming. Birding is addictive And …

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June in Gambia


June in The Gambia is almost too beautiful to put into words. I’d almost forgotten because it’s been eleven years since I have spent this much time here. Not wanting to mention the C-word but of course, that’s the reason we were still in The Gambia. No flights and all borders locked down. I can’t …

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