Birding in Gambia

Lizard Buzzard

Lizard Buzzard at Footsteps eco lodge gambia

The Lizard Buzzard is named because it hunts and kills Lizards. But as we will learn later it eats all manner of prey too. We have always had a resident Lizard Buzzard inside our lodge grounds. I would watch him from our Bantaba. He sits high up in a Palm tree patiently waiting for an […]

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Birdwatching with The Catts


We all know how much cats love to go birdwatching. But today we’re going to look at some different Catts. Steve and Alison have been coming to The Gambia and Footsteps since 2014 and have returned 7 times now. Steve has turned his love for nature and wildlife from a hobby into a photography business.

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The Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird


Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird, what a great name. whenever I think of this tiny bird I think of Peter Pans Tinkerbell. I suppose it’s just the name I associate or maybe that they are both elusive. It was in the past known as a Yellow-fronted Tinker Barbet and is indeed a member of the Barbet family. I’m

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My Gambia Birding Holidays

My Gambia birding holidays, guest blog by Chris Prince Photography Yes, there have been more than one, have produced memories too numerous to mention. Here are three of my favourites and if you would like to see more just click on my name above. Snowy-crowned Robin-chat My wife and I have been to The Gambia

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Shikra is a bird of prey and this one lives at Footsteps. You can always tell when she is around because all is quiet. Sometimes, while sitting in our purpose-built bird hide waiting to get some nice photos of whatever may come along that day, I will think, where are all the birds. Then it

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Yellow-crowned Gonolek

Yellow Crowned gonolek

The Yellow-crowned Gonolek is one of those birds that you just can’t miss. The colours and its song give it away wherever it goes. Also known as the Common Gonolek, it is a medium-sized passerine bird from the bushshrike family. Where is the bird found? I’m happy to say this colourful bird is found at Footsteps all year round. See

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The Pygmy Kingfisher

Pygmy Kingfisher

The Pygmy Kingfisher is the smallest of The Kingfishers in The Gambia but one that has a special place in my heart. This tiny bird is one of our most frequent visitors. In the past, we have had birdwatchers come to Footsteps specifically to see her. As regular as clockwork she arrives around three pm

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