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A Blog Post from Footsteps Eco-Lodge in The Gambia

by David White - 16 May 2020

Stay in Touch in The Gambia

Hello everyone, wherever you are we hope you are all well and observing safety guidelines.

For us in Gambia we are in our 8th week of country wide lockdown and social distancing and we thought you might like to know what we are doing to keep busy and how we all are.

See here for daily statistics about number of tests and confirmed cases for Gambia.

David with Seven

Our staff, your friends

For those who have visited us in the past you will be glad to know all our staff are very well, they are social distancing, staying at home and send their love and best wishes.

Help for the village

A problem many of us are facing at this time is how to stay at home and manage to pay our bills and still eat. For Gambia and other African countries this is an even bigger problem.

Most compounds and households don’t have refrigeration and a well stocked pantry is not something locals have. This means that no work equals no food is a major issue from day one not month one as most locals lost their income on the day of lockdown.

Without formally asking for help we have been given over £1000 by some of our wonderful previous guests with permission to use the money to make the greatest impact.

At £20 for one fifty kilo bag of rice we thought it best to purchase from local shops in Gunjur 50 x 50 kg bags and soap to distribute among staff and our extended family such as our craft providers, taxis and guides.

We also work with the local organisation Abubakarr Siddique Foundation for Needy and Orphan Welfare and distributed 650 kg rice through them to children who have lost one or both parents, and the most vulnerable families in the village.

With your help we would like to do another round to support AFNOW's food bank initiative and to secure funding for when schools will reopen. Email for details in the “how you can help” section below.

Rice delivery

Something to look forward to...

Thanks to the help of our good friend Mark Thompson, we have a new website on the way.

It will be fast, easier to navigate and will work better on small screens. There will be a new Dream now, Travel later section which is a risk free way to plan your next trip to Footsteps. And further down the line, we are planning some very special features such as flight search to make it even easier for you to visit. Oh, did I mention the site will also be available in German, thanks to our kind guest, Katrin Erben. 🙂

Please feel free to say what you love about it and what you don’t, it should be along very soon!

Our dogs, 7 & Yoga

Are delighted to know they have Linda and I with them for longer this year and are waiting to welcome you again when this is over.

Yoga on beach Seven looking relaxed

How you can help!

If you would like to help our local village of Gunjur by donating bags of rice they cost £20 for a 50 kg bag.

You can pay directly into our uk business account - email for details

We will pay the transfer fee so 100% of your donation will reach the locals that need it most.

So there we have it, we will stay in touch. In the meantime, start dreaming of your next visit to Footsteps in The Gambia.

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