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If exploring the history and culture of the places you visit is what excites and drives you, this itinerary Gambia culture week is for you!
The Gambia has a wealth of tribal and colonial history. During your “culture week” you will meet with tribal elders, see traditional ceremonies and visit our nations capital city of Banjul.

What to expect?

This is not one of those tours where you are jumping on and off a big bus. No, this is a much more immersive experience. In groups of between 2 and 6 people, you are guided by our local experts Sarani and Lamin. This means you can spend more time in the places you love. And get right into the heart and soul of The Gambia.

Let’s take a quick look!

Gambia culture is rich and diverse. It has been colonised more than once, first by the Portuguese, during which time it was known as A Gâmbia. This is when the trade in human slaves began and was famously documented in Alex Hayley’s novel “Roots”. Later, in 1765, the Gambia was made a part of the British Empire and remained so under its protection for 200 yrs when it gained independence.

Banjul is its capital city, a bustling vibrant hub that is home to Gambia’s port, national museum and also Albert Market, the largest in a country where everything from spices to fine tailoring can be found.

Gunjur has its own museum which we have been supporting since its start and is a must see while at Footsteps.

Likewise, we lay on the edge of one of Gambia’s largest villages, Gunjur. It is home to 18,000 residents, has several schools, a vibrant daily market and lots of local shops selling everything from candles to local meat pies.

  • View of Banjul
  • Banjul
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  • Lamin's museum
  • Gambia culture week
  • Gunjur with Sarani
  • Gunjur
  • Gunjur Village shop
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  • Traditional wrestling
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Gunjur also has its own vibrant busy fishing centre where fishermen bring their Bonga fish catch to be smoked, straight from the smoker its really delicious!

Senegal and Gambia share a rich and complicated history. But one thing has survived to the present day and that is the art of traditional wrestling. Each Sunday there is an exhibition of these skills down the coast aways at Sanyang.

Sarani Darboe
Sarani Darboe

Your itinerary and what you get!
On your days out lunch is provided as well as all entrance fees, transport and guide!

The Gambia culture week itinerary!

  • Day1 – Welcome to your “Gambia Culture Week“!
    Arrive from the airport to Footsteps, settle in and grab your welcome drink, a freshly squeezed juice. Now to meet your guides for the week Sarani and Lamin. They have worked with Footsteps for the past 13 years. And between them have more than 40 years of experience as nature and tour guides. They will talk through your itinerary for the week and personalise it for your enjoyment.

  • 2 –Gunjur local village tour, fishing centre & lamins museum
    After a leisurely breakfast, In our vehicle, take a short 10-minute drive to the local village of Gunjur. Sarani will be your personal guide today. You will visit a local compound to see the first-hand day to day life of a family in Gambia. Visit a local Mosque and meet tribal elders as well as spend some time in Gunjur’s marketplace. From there we rejoin our vehicle and travel to Gunjur’s fishing centre. Here you will have some lunch and see boats going out and coming in with their catch. Fishermen mending their nets on the beach and also visit a traditional working smokehouse. here you can taste some smoked Bonga, fresh from the smoker, delicious! Rejoin our vehicle and you’re off to Gunjur natural history museum. Lamin Bojang actually founded this museum to prevent local history from being lost for future generations. He is one of the foremost experts in the history and culture of Gunjur. Here you will learn about tribal & ceremonial customs. Even some ancient medicinal cures for anything from a verruca to sleepless nights. (5-6 hrs)

  • 3 – Capital city tour
    After breakfast, a little further afield today. We drive approx 1hr 20 minutes to the capital city of Banjul. After finding a suitable place to park Sarani will be showing you the sights in Banjul. Not just the incredible Albert Market but also the real Banjul including some interesting architecture left over from colonial days. (6-7 hrs)

  • 4 – Rest & relax
    By now you may want to explore on your own so today is yours, go out, stay in, relax, it’s up to you. 

  • 5 – Traditional music
    Today music is in the air, we will be visiting one of Gambia’s most famous Kora musicians ( Griot, Jeli Yankuba Conteh ) at his academy. He will explain the cultural and historical importance of this amazing 21 stringed instrument and also play a special concert just for you.

  • 6 – Traditional wrestling
    After a long day yesterday, we start a little later today having a leisurely breakfast and the morning is yours till 11 am. Join David the founder of Footsteps for a beach walk/Q&A down to Sanyang approx 2 hrs. Our destination is paradise beach. And here we will enjoy some lovely fresh fish (or alternative) on the beach and see some traditional Gambian/Senegalese wrestling. If the walk seems too much, don’t worry you can go with our vehicle there and meet the walkers ready for lunch. Back to Footsteps by vehicle, no more walking today folks!
  • 7 – Rest & relax

  • 8 – Say your goodbyes and begin your journey home, we miss you already!

Prices & what’s included.

Sarani Darboe
Sarani Darboe

Single person x 1 week £525
Included, lunch & entrance fees
Guides, transport.

Lamin Bojang
Lamin Bojang

Based on 2 sharing x 1 week £435pp
Included, lunch & entrance fees
Guides, transport

David, Founder of Footsteps
David, Founder of Footsteps

Are you ready to explore a fun-filled “Gambia culture week” with us? 
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