African darter

The African darter is sometimes known as the snakebird. Not because it hunts snakes but because it often swims with only its neck above water, which looks like a snake moving through the water.

It is a close relative to the Oriental, Australasian and American darters,

African-Darter by water

Bird information.

Where can we see an African darter?

The African darters pictured above were photographed at Marakissa River Camp but can be seen across The Gambia where you find large bodies of water.

What does an African darter look like?

A large bird measuring around 80 cm long, it looks like a cormorant with a very long neck but can be distinguished by its pointed beak. The male is mostly glossy black with white streaking.The females are browner in colour as are immature African darters.

What does it feed on?

They feed primarily on fish.

Want to know an interesting Factoid?

There are 215 types of Darter

How does it sound?

They don’t make much sound however they do have a loud and harsh croak

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