African Harrier-hawk

The African Harrier-hawk is a medium to large bird of prey. We are lucky enough to see him on a regular basis because we are just next door to Kunfoong protected forest where he likes to be.

He looks like he’s wearing matching socks and a mask, nice to be co-ordinated !

African Harrier Hawk
African Harrier-hawk coming in to land
African Harrier Hawk
African Harrier-hawk in flight

Where is the African Harrier-hawk found?

As mentioned earlier, he is seen at Footsteps mainly because of the protected Kunfoong forest on our doorstep.

This hawk is found across most of Africa, south of The Sahara.

In Gambia for example is generally fairly common in forest interiors.

What does it look like?

The African harrier-hawk is a medium to large bird of prey. Its upperparts are light grey and its underside is white with fine dark lines. The broad wings are pale grey with a black trailing edge fringed with a narrow white line. The tail is black with a single broad white band. There is a bare facial patch of variable colour, usually red or yellow. Genders are similar, but young birds have pale brown instead of grey, and dark brown replacing black. Source Wikipedia

What does it feed on?

It is omnivorous, which means it will eat the fruit of the oil palm as well as small vertebrates such as mice. It can climb very effectively using not only its legs but also its wings.

Want to know an interesting Factoid?

They have double-jointed knees which allow them to access nest holes and other confined spaces. 

How does it sound?

Their call is three loud whistles,  Sueee, Sueee, Sueee.

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