Birding for Beginners

Birding for beginners

Want to see what all the fuss is about?

If you’re considering visiting The Gambia this year, you may already be an avid birder.

Gambia has over 570 species most of which are available year round so it’s no surprise that we get so many enthusiasts coming.

Pygmy Kingfisher
Violet Turaco

Birding is addictive

And when you see how much fun can be had with a pair of bino’s and a decent camera, it’s hard not to at least want to try it for yourself.

With this in mind, plus dozens of requests from non-birdwatching guests, we have created birding for beginners.

Designed for people who want to try it out

Photography etiquette in Gambia

Want to test the water, but don’t want to spend a fortune in the process?

You will receive for the princely sum of £20, a pair of binoculars (not to keep I should say!) and up to four hours of birding with our very nice birding chap, Mohammed.

A guided walk through some prime bird spots close to Footsteps. And also spend about an hour in our purpose-built bird hide. Expect to see birds of prey such as the Shikra and Goshawk, also some colourful less intimidating ones such as Pygmy Kingfisher or Beautiful Sunbird.

You don’t need a Canon or Nikon

Or a 3-foot lens to get some great shots, we will get you close enough with just a step up from a point and shoot.

Just speak with Dodou

No advance booking required, (unless you want to, that is)

Happy birding!

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