Double-spurred Francolin

Double-spurred Francolin – Usually we see this game bird which is a member of the Pheasant family entering Footsteps from the protected Koonfung Forest next door to us.

Moving in small groups like chickens they scurry quite quickly over open land preferring the cover of grass and bushland.

©Rob Garner | Double-spurred Francolin
Double Spurred Francolin
©Rob Garner | Double-spurred Francolin

Where can we find the Double-spurred Francolin?

As mentioned earlier, this little spurfowl can be found crossing into Footsteps each day from the protected Koonfung forest next door.

In Gambia for example this delightful bird is generally fairly common in forest interiors.

What does it look like?

The Double-spurred Francolin is around 32 cm in length and has strong markings on its breast and back. It has bold thin white eyebrows with a rusty cap and neck. The male is mostly brown. It has less streaks and darker spots.The chest and tail feathers are edged with dark brown and are centrally spotted with cream. The face is pale cream and flecked with dark brown, and the head features a chestnut crown and white supercilium. It has a chestnut neck collar, white cheek patches and brown wings. The male usually has two spurs on each leg, the upper one being blunt. The legs are dull green. The female is similar in appearance, but usually lacks spurs and is slightly smaller and less robustly built. Males weigh around 507 g and females 381 g. Source Wikipedia

What does it feed on?

They feed mainly on insects but will also eat plants too.

Want to know an interesting Factoid?

Breeding is very unusual until the birds have reached their second year.

How does it sound?

Their song is quite loud and shrill, repeating a double noted Ku-kwah, ku-kwah.

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