Giant Kingfisher

The Giant Kingfisher is the largest of the kingfishers although hardly a giant measuring around 45cm long. It’s Africa’s largest species of Kingfisher.

As we can see from the pictures below, they are not called Kingfishers for nothing. They are truly a king among kingfishers.

Giant Kingfisher
Giant kingfisher with fish
Giant Kingfisher
Shall we swap fishes?

Where can we find the Giant Kingfisher?

Not generally seen at Footsteps, but we have plenty of other Kingfishers who are daily visitors.

In Gambia for example this delightful bird is generally found at Abuko Nature Reserve.

What does it look like?

The Giant Kingfisher is 42–46 cm long, with a large shaggy crest, a large black bill and fine white spots on black upper parts. It has a large crest and a big straight black beak. Most of its body is covered with black feathers that are tipped with white spots. Source Wikipedia. A male has an orange breast and its belly is white with some black spots. A female’s breast is black and white spotted and the belly is orange. The difference between them can be remembered by thinking of a male as wearing an orange shirt and a female wearing an orange skirt. 

What does it feed on?

The Giant kingfisher feeds mainly on crabs, frogs, and small fish. It will sit on a branch waiting patiently for an unsuspecting crab before swooping down to claim its prize.

Want to know an interesting Factoid?

Like most others in the kingfisher family, they are monogamous.

How does it sound?

It has a loud call sounding like Wak, Wak, Wak.

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