Senegal Eremomela

The Senegal Eremomela is a typical warbler and belongs to the old world warblers. They are a large group of birds formerly grouped together in the bird family Sylviidae. The family held over 400 species in over 70 genera and was the source of much taxonomic confusion. Two families were split out initially, the cisticolas into Cisticolidae and the kinglets into Regulidae. Source Wikipedia

©Rob carr – Senegal Eremomela
©Rob Carr – Senegal Eremomela

Bird information.

Where can we see a Senegal Eremomela?

The birds pictured above were photographed between Footsteps and the coast but can be seen across The Gambia.

What does a Senegal Eremomela look like?

Its a small bird with a pale brownish-grey head and a pale white supercilium. The back and mantle are green, becoming a brighter yellowish green on the rump. The throat and upper breast are white becoming bright lemon yellow on the lower breast, belly and vent. Blackish bill with a pale lower mandible and pale brownish legs. Source Wikipedia

What does it feed on?

It feeds on insects such as ants and beetles. Also, they are partial to caterpillars and other larvae with a dessert helping of some fruit 😉

How does it sound?

When foraging for food on the forest floor they make a quavering, warble. And when they are being territorial they make a quick grating chattering.

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