White Fronted Black Chat

The White Fronted Black Chat with its striking black plumage and distinctive white forehead, is a charismatic species that is a delight to birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts alike. Discover more about this fascinating bird!

White-fronted Black Chat (f)
White-fronted Black Chat

Bird Information

Where can we see a White Fronted Black Chat?

Also known as the Abyssinian Black Chat, is a species of bird primarily found in Africa. While it is not specifically endemic to Gambia, it can be observed in certain regions within the country. In Gambia, the most likely place to spot one is in the eastern part of the country, particularly in areas such as Kiang West National Park and Kiang East District. These areas offer suitable habitats, such as savannahs with scattered trees and shrubs, where this species prefers to reside.

What does it look like?

It measures about 12-13 centimetres in length and weighs around 14-20 grams.

This bird has a distinctive appearance with a black head, neck, and upperparts. The face is adorned with a white forehead, extending from the bill to just above the eyes. The underparts are predominantly white, contrasting with the dark plumage on the upper body.

Both male and female White-fronted Black Chats share a similar appearance, making it difficult to distinguish between the sexes based on looks alone. However, during the breeding season, the male may exhibit more vibrant plumage and be slightly larger than the female.

What does it feed on?

It typically feeds on a diverse range of insects, spiders, and other small invertebrates. It forages primarily on the ground, hopping and pecking at the leaf litter and soil. Its diet may also include seeds, nectar, and fruits, especially during the non-breeding season when insect availability may be limited.

Want to know an interesting Factoid?

Interestingly, the White-fronted Black Chat is known for forming monogamous pair bonds that last multiple breeding seasons.

How does it sound?

The male White Fronted Black Chat produces a series of sharp, high-pitched whistles and chatters, which are often described as melodious and flute-like. These sounds are used for territorial defence, courtship displays, and communication with their flock members. The female’s vocalisations are generally softer and more subdued compared to the male. Overall, the vocal repertoire of the White Fronted Black Chat is diverse and captivating, adding to their charm and beauty in the bird kingdom.

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