Yellow-throated leaflove

The Yellow-throated leaflove AKA Mango bulbul, Yellowthroat and Yellow-throated greenbul.

A daily visitor to Footsteps its a member of The Bulbul family. A bit of a party bird although shy they are sometimes seen in pairs but seldom alone.

©Rob garner | Leaflove
Yellow Throated Leaflove
©Rob Garner | Leaflove

Where is the Yellow-throated leaflove found?

As mentioned earlier, this little bird is a daily visitor at our eco-lodge

They will be found in open woodland, forest, orchard-bush, thickets, bushes and scrub. Source Birdforum

In Gambia for example this delightful bird is widespread and also generally fairly common in forest interiors.

What does it look like?

At 22cm. This fully paid-up member of the Bulbul family is fairly large. With a bright yellow throat and a dark-olive brown head and lighter olive-grey underparts. The female is smaller than the male and their young are darker generally and have a whitish throat.

What does it feed on?

They mostly eat fruits but also are partial to the odd small insect or two.

Want to know an interesting Factoid?

The Red Chested Cukko will parasite their nest meaning they lay their eggs in the nest of our Leaflove fooling the Leaflove to rear the chicks for them.

How does it sound?

They have a nasal quality to their call which is a single note Chow and Kyip which repeats every few seconds or so.

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